The Final Revelation

Session 7 - Les's Notes

White Characters

It is again the 12th of November, 1937

Missing – Catherine Holburn

Even as the PC approached the shop for the regular Friday night group, they each noticed that things are quiet right. People are strange, different, sick.

Anthony St John arrived first and was greeted Tristan Cavendish, who introduced himself as the manager of the Jaocb’s Books. Ms Renee Merritt arrived next and inquired as to the whereabouts of Patrick and was informed that Tristan had been managing the bookshop for over 20 years. Brian Lucas arrived next and was followed by Paul Turner. Paul mentioned Patrick Howells and caused Tristan to start and pinch himself, the name rang a bell. Luke Ogalthorp arrived last. The group briefly discussed the differences in the streets, how dirty they are, how strange the people are.

They discussed the missing Patrick Howells and included the shop assistant Bertrice. The group repaired to Tristan’s home to continue the discussion and see his autobiography, something he has no memory of writing.
There are many notes taken by Mr Cavendish and the group attempted to organise them. He had highlighted words in various newspapers which form the sentence:
“They are already manifest and world is theirs, we are lost”.
Tristan produced a trunk with his more important notes. He reported that everything started to come together in the last few days. As Anthony St John reached into the trunk…

Green Characters

  • Graham as Michael Laws
  • Mark as Helen Long
  • Evan as Lord Hilary Exeter
  • Rhain as Mr Tom Jones
  • Les as Rosa Parker


  • Andrew as

1935, Keswick, Cumbria, UK.
The group arrived in early evening and they all found themselves at the Blackstone Hotel. Rosa, in the bar, noticed a photo on the wall of a family, with house in the background that looked vaguely familiar. The barman handed her the photo and the only obvious identifying mark is the name of photography studio, Manesty Photographs. Michael Laws also noticed himself in the photo after recognising herself, Helen. Rosa feels that Helen and Michael are in someway familiar. Rosa thinks that the man in the photo might have been her headmaster.

Rosa opened the frame and revealed the names of those in the photo:
The Wareing Family
Victoria, Geoffery, Jack
Helen, Michael, Rosa
Hilary, Thomas.

That night Tom “Jonesay” Jones and Hilary have the same dream. They were dancing around a stone circle, their bodies moving instinctively. They witnessed a human sacrifice.
Helen dreamt of walking a ridge in the hills at night. In the distance see could see a lake, she was tired but she pressed on until she saw a stone circle and there were duties to be performed…
Rosa dreamt of lying down, there was a familiar comfortable smell of soil around her. Even as dreamt of sinking deeper and deeper into the soil, it pouring into her mouth, she was calm and felt safe.
Michael dreamt of also being at the ritual, sacrificing his brother.
The following morning the group gathered for breakfast and went to Manesty. The photography store appeared boarded up. Helen inquired at the General Store and learnt that the Manesty Photography was closed in 1922 following a scandal involving the taking of photos of ladies…
The photography store was pretty much empty, and the group proceeded to the police station. They learnt that the shop had been operated by someone called “Manalow” or something similar. However the police directed the group to the Wareing house.
As they approached the house Rosa especially had a feeling of deja vu. Rosa was sure she would recognise the wallpaper and indeed when the door was opened she did.
They were invited in by Mary Wareing. The group explained their interest in the Wareing family.
Mary explained that: Jack Wareing was her husband and that Victoria was his first wife, Victoria killed herself and that Jack left Mary about 6 years before, following a series of bad dreams…
Mary said that Jack was frightened of this own reflection, that he saw a monster when he looked in the mirror. Jack was the headmaster of the local school but it closed after he left.
Mary confirmed the existence of Castlerigg Stone Circle just east of Keswick.
The group first investigated the Manesty school after being given the key by Mary. The members of the group felt again that sense of familiarity.
Helen checked the records and all the group, except for Thomas, appeared to having been students up until 1905. This was strange because they all would have been older in the photo. Helen also found a story.



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