The Final Revelation

Sister Bertha (Orange 2)

Session 2

Gaslamps are doused papers are filed away at reception the bell gives no response.
Police girl checks the guest book at the reception. Last person to arrive was Jacob then everybody else left the next day.

We head up to the one occupied room. One door open on that top floor. We check the number on the door it matches the key.

In the room is a man sitting at a desk facing the sea with a tea cup beside him

I step in and go to the grimy window and clean it and notice the man he has no eyes…it turns out he has cut them out with a penknife and discarded them on the floor so he can see clearly.
Which he apparently now can, the books in the library below told him to do it.

We see at the door an Italian well dressed man. The police officer seems to have a recognition of this person. Mr Minute…

Bowles (laugh, I play Bowls haha) opens the box to show mr minit. He is fascinated by the device in the box and that it is bigger than the box.

Jacob takes us to the library. It has an atmosphere or oppression and tension, and it is old with faded wallpaper cracking leather and the air is thick and cloying. Books many many books on shelves and tables.

Light entertainment, novels, and strange ones abound.

He asks us to just reach out our hands and pick up that which most interests us. We all do this.

One by one we peruse our found texts

‘The Watchers in the Sky’
An account of events experienced by the earlier characters in this series.
Mae Smith wrote this. Printed by a vanity publisher.

Jacob is nervous

Bowles opens the box again in the library. He experiences something…

He drops and claws at the floor. Police girl approaches and gets a poker thrown at her that hits.

He then leaps for the window after breaking free from the police girl. I leap at him and stop him from going through the window.

The box is closed, the tulving thing moves towards the take off the cover as he considers it is dae leth??? Render of veils.

The police officer is stealing the box I want the box I want the truths it will reveal I tackle the police girl, and stop her running with it. The box is thrust away from her I dive for it and snatch it up. The box is mine. Mine!! Muhahaha Mine!!!

I pick my self up with the box and turn to Jacob I give him the view of the box. I ask him to tell us what he sees, he gestures and a book falls. Bowles retrieves the book to show us all.

It tells the story of the dying at saint margarets…

(Police Girl has vanished by the way)

The 12th of november

The children who become worms.

They are all horrible terrible stories. Fascinating intriguing stories.

Police girl tries to terll us Dolores is missing and she circled the hotel several times further proof that us women should not drive or be police and should all be nuns wedded to Christ.

Jacob speaks of the goat. I speak of the uses and habits of goat this
Does not put peoples minds at ease.

I take Jacob to his room and I sit with him. I sleep on his bed and he sits upon his chair.

A rustling noise is heard in the darkness…

Theres something crawling over me. Metallic feathers It is rods and spheres, I follow it to the reverends room where he is manipulating the object.

I join him studying the Mythos object

(I now have 3 points Mythos)



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