David Bartholomew Ignatius Windsor-Clive, Viscount Fosberry (Bart)

Gentleman and Gentle Man





Bart no need to work for a living but is determined not to become some idle upper class drone (at least not until it’s his turn to sit in the House of Lords) so he spends his time studying – not at Oxford or Cambridge, but at University College, London where he is less likely to encounter people who know he is of noble birth. It’s not exactly something he keeps secret but you prefer to be able to tell people yourself. He has a twin brother, Lewis – the lucky fellow was born twenty minutes later – who took a role as a Gym Master at a girl’s school in Scotland at the start of the year. He seemed to think this would be a job ripe with promise and possibilities of an amorous nature. Poor chap should have checked the age of the girls – turns out the school only goes from 8 to 13. Bart found this amusing even if he didn’t. Lews stopped writing after only one letter and Bart has started to worry about him. He can’t do too much official – as far as their father, the Earl, is concerned, Lewis was supposed to be beginning his studies in Medicine, not going off to be an inappropriate teacher somewhere, but when Bart saw the school was advertising for a history teacher he applied yourself and was accepted. He’s on your way to find out where your brother is.

David Bartholomew Ignatius Windsor-Clive, Viscount Fosberry (Bart)

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