Captain Jack Ralston RFC

Patriotic Pilot and Horseman





Captain Jack Ralston served in the Great War as a Cavalry officer before transitioning to pilot in the Royal Flying Corps. He finished the war a little early after surviving crashing his burning plane. During the war he met the woman who would become his fiance while she was working as nurse at a field hospital. They spent many years in an on-again off-again relationship which finally ended with her breaking off an engagement because she was unable to deal with Captain Ralston moods and tempers. She took a position as riding instructor at St Margaret’s School, a girl’s boarding school at as remote a location she could find – off the coast of Scotland – and Ralston feels like she did it to put some space between the two of you. They didn’t part on bad terms, he still loves her and he thinks she feels the same, but he hasn’t heard from her since she left and now the school has advertised for somebody to replace her. And her family haven’t heard from her either. Something seems wrong. Captain Ralston has applied for the position that was advertised himself and was accepted.

Captain Jack Ralston RFC

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