Doctor Andrea Parker

Ambitious Academic




Brichester University

It is difficult enough to be a bloody woman scientist, let alone a biologist, with the Physics and Chemistry Departments sneering about it not being a real science. If that means Andrea needs to ruffle a few feathers to get herself heard, so be it. As a student, others advised her not to pursue an academic career, and hence she learned not to listen to others. Students see her as harsh, which she likes, although she does have a soft spot for some of the younger females.

She tends not to mention your husband, Andrew, at work. He is a good man, but she does not want to be seen as an adjunct to him. Her daughter, however, is the centre of her world. Andrea remember her first words, pleased that “mummy” came before “daddy,” although irritated that “nanna” came soon after. Considering she is largely raised by Andrew’s mother, however, it is not surprising. Lucinda is three now and precocious, taking after Andrea.

Doctor Parker lives for science, although, if she is honest, she lives for the academic fight rather than the pursuit of knowledge. She knows her field well and likes nothing better than debunking the latest piece of nonsense.

Doctor Andrea Parker

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