Helen Howell

University Student




Growing up in Wales, in a mining family, was dull. Helen’s future, as a miner’s wife, was mapped out and, in rebellion, she studied school subjects unsuitable for a girl. Wanting greater adventure, however, she applied for a charitable scholarship, using a fabricated hard-luck story, and ended up in Brichester.
Although the first year was exciting, the novelty is now beginning to pall. She has little time for the other students, whom you find provincial and dull. Only two people have caught her attention. One is Andy, a tramp, who regularly tells her of his travels in return for a slice of a bread-and-butter. The other is Mark, another scholarship student, from similarly working-class origins in Halifax. He proposed to her and, mainly to see what engagement was like, she accepted.

One morning, while waiting for lectures to start, she found a strange-looking bird lying dead in one of the University quadrangles. Planning to dissect it, you brought it to the Dissection Theatre, where she found Dr Parker.

Helen Howell

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