Isaac Frost

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Isaac Frost was born in Melbourne, Australia, son of Arthur Frost, a Presbyterian minister. Isaac and his family moved to London in 1904, where Arthur gained a posting in a prominent London ministry. Isaac completed his education at Cambridge University, majoring in Archaeology, but also with a good understanding of English Law.

With the outbreak of The Great War his brothers joined the army, but influenced by his father preaching about the lack of purpose of any war, Isaac became a conscientious objector. Fights were common when Isaac attended a club or military gathering. As a result he was banned from many London clubs, although the British museum maintained an uncomfortable relationship with him as a result of his important finds.

The hostility of the military establishment turned to embarrassment when in 1916 Isaac went to France to recover the body of his brother Graham, killed during the Battle of the Somme. During a skirmish Isaac defended a supply train and killed several German soldiers. He was recommended for a decoration but refused.

Isaac spent some time in Italy and Russia, thus avoiding conscription. He returned to England after the war and continued his work, which took him overseas several times, particularly to Egypt and Greece. His investigations included a study of the occult associated with the sites he visited.

Recently Isaac received a letter from his aunt, Mary Wolsey. She took a job as a schoolmistress at the start of the year at a school off the coast of Scotland and nobody has heard from her since. She’s a constant letter writer so this is odd. And there’s something else about it that seems strange as well but he can’t quite put your finger on what it is. He just has a bad feeling about this and he has learned to trust those feelings. So when the same school advertised for a Classics Master, he decided to apply for the position so he could go there and informally check things out. His application has been accepted.

Isaac Frost

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