Luke Oglethorpe

Truthseeking freelance reporter





Luke Oglethorpe works as a stringer for The Times which generally provides him with income enough to keep body and soul together but he has found it handy to keep a camera around in the hope of catching a valuable newsworthy photograph. He is not any sort of paparazzi – he doesn’t go looking for shots of the famous or anything like that but he dreams of being on hand with camera when some world defining event happens right in front of him. So far, it hasn’t, although he was paid pretty well for some shots of the fire brigade at work recently. He noticed that the firelight made photography difficult so he decided to practice some taking shots of fires a couple of weeks ago. When he came to develop the shots, he was stunned to see little fairy like figures flying around the flames. Perfect little creatures, not quite human but not animal either, with bat like wings and stumpy tails. The odd thing was they faded from the photographs only a few minutes after development. And when he developed a new shot from the negative they weren’t there at all.

He has no proof – but he knows what he saw. And he saw an advertisement in The Times asking for people who have had odd experiences to come to a bookshop in Cecil Court off Charing Cross Road on Friday evening to discuss those odd experiences. Maybe somebody there will have some idea of what he actually saw.

Luke Oglethorpe

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