Marc Rooney

Starving artist





Marc Rooney comes from a long line of stonemasons. His father is a stonemason. His grandfather was a stonemason. His great-grandfather was a stonemason. His great-great-grandather was a stonemason – to listen to his father talk, there was probably a Rooney working on the Great Pyramid or at least on Stonehenge.

But Marc does not want to be a stonemason. He would probably be good at it, but he’d rather spend your time carving scuptures – real art, real sculptures. He won a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools. Everybody knows he is talented. Just nobody seems to want to buy what he produces.

There used to be somebody around who encouraged he – Bracewell Gumption – what a name! Bracewell was into rocks – really into rocks – in a really big way and they had many discussions about unusual rocks. Marc thinks that if he could work in unusual mediums, that he’d do well, but unusual rocks cost a lot and he does not have a lot. Bracewell gave him some offcuts and he did well with them, and then Bracewell mentioned he’d taken a job carrying out some building work at a school on a Scottish island. It seemed an odd choice, but he said he was on the trail of a really unusual rock and that made more sense. Thing is, he’s been gone months now. And he hasn’t replied to any letters. And Marc has heard that other people who went to the school are missing to. The school advertised for an Art and Handicraft teacher and Marc has taken the job so he can find out what happened to Bracewell.

Marc Rooney

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