Doctor Michael Laws

Extroverted hospital consultant




Michael’s work in medicine is an extension of his love for people. Admittedly, he has never been a bookish sort: he would claim to be academically competent rather than brilliant.

Nevertheless, his bedside manner is excellent. He can put people at ease with a few words. That, he considers, is what makes him a great doctor, and he is quite frankly bloody good at his job.

His love for humanity extends to those around him. Geoffrey, his brother, is a constant in his life. Cynthia is his greatest comfort, although he must admit he has not been entirely faithful. Nevertheless, he would do nothing to hurt those close to him.

Although his practice is in London, he has come to Keswick for a welcome break away. He will walk a little. Inevitably, he will haunt the bar! And one never knows whom one might meet. Perhaps he will find a young lady: that would certainly help the week pass pleasantly.

Doctor Michael Laws

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