Patrick Dwyer

Scientific Technician




It was a struggle getting through his Science degree while working to support his mother and sister, but Patrick made it and now he’s managed to bring them with him to London, getting away from the troubles in Ireland – troubles that his father was way too involved in. Patrick understands the desire for true Irish independence, but he cannot approve of violent methods to achieve that aim – and his father’s death did none of them any good at all. He was surprised to be able to get a job at the Royal College of Science and lives in fear that somebody will realise his background and will worry he is somehow dangerous in such a role so he has set out to make himself indispensable running the cloud chamber in the Physics Department. It’s an odd position – he is treated as a mere technician despite the qualifications he needs to have to do this job, because it involves a machine that few people understand. Still he has hopes that given time he will be able to move into the more theoretical aspects of science. He’s young. He has time to make some real discoveries.

Patrick Dwyer

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