Phil 'Spider' Webb

Small time crook





Spider has had a hard life. Not much opportunity. Who can blame a bloke for doing what’s needed to make ends meet even if it often isn’t strictly speaking legal. He’s never done any time but he’s come close once or twice and he’d honestly like the chance to go straight but can’t even see how to start heading in that direction.

Spider had two brothers – and hopes like hell he still has one. Late last year, the three brother – Harry, Phil, and Bill went off to do a little job in south London. Nothing heavy – just taking some stuff out of the back of an unattended goods van in a railway yard. But things went wrong. There was a flash of light, and something – something dark and shadowy and bright at the same time – hit Harry knocking him to the ground. It killed him. It was a rock. A rock that came down from the heavens. Spider isn’t stupid. He went to school until he was fourteen and he remembers some of what they taught him. A meteor. A rock from space. That makes him very angry. Killed by something like that. Act of God. Phil doesn’t believe in God, or he’d have somebody to blame.

Phil and Bill had to leave Harry – and Bill had to leave town. He was already wanted for some other things. He looked through the newspapers and found a school in Scotland wanted a gardener and handy man. He applied for the job. He was only going to be gone three months. But he hasn’t come back. And the school is advertising again for a gardener and handyman and Phil has applied and got the job. Hopefully he’ll find Bill and bring him home.

Phil 'Spider' Webb

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