Professor Lucas Wright

Rationalist Academic




If he is honest, he had expected to get further by now. When he started his career in physics, it seemed as though everything of import had been discovered. He turned to Geology, instead, just before bloody Einstein came along and physics got exciting again. Now, if he is honest, he dabbles in both fields, unsure which is your speciality. He would welcome a clear purpose to your work, but are unsure what it might be.

Indeed, his personal life reflects this lack of direction. His marriage potters along in a comfortable way. He loves his wife in the same way he does his old slippers, although he refrains from expressing his feelings to her in precisely this manner. His secretary is a friendly ear, although not, as he had hoped, a potential conquest. Overall, life should be good, but does not feel that way. Although his body is growing old, his mind feels sharp, waiting for something to latch on to.

Professor Lucas Wright

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