Reverend Gerald Bosworth

Eccentric Church of England Vicar





The Reverend Bosworth enjoys his life as an Anglican Minister. It gives him time to indulge himself in a great deal of reading and contemplation of the world around him. Weekly services, and the occasional Christening, Wedding, or Funeral as well as visits to the sick and needy, really do not take up all that much time. He takes his duties seriously but is glad they are not particularly onerous.

Recently he has become concerned about a friend of his – a friend from university, the Reverend Thomas Pulley. Like Bosworth he went into the Church but he had to deal with a more down to earth working class Parish and he seemed to have to work harder because of that. It was not that surprised when Bosworth heard that Pulley had taken on a new job as a Chaplain at a girls’ boarding school on a Scottish island – it sounded like an easy post. Bosworth wrote to him and were surprised he didn’t write back. After several letters went unanswered, Bosworth started asking questions and found out that a number of other people who went to the school seem to have disappeared as well. When he saw the school was advertising for a new Chaplain, he applied mostly so you could go and find out what might have happened to Thomas. His application was accepted.

Reverend Gerald Bosworth

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