Reverend John Bowles

Bookish Theologian




For John, God lies at the heart of a library. Having passed years reading in quiet rooms, he appears surprised when others speak to him. If he could design heaven, he would fill it with books and enforce silence on other souls.

Hence, when offered the position at Lambeth Palace, he accepted immediately. That was twenty years ago, and since, he has torn through the Palace Library, looking for God in books. He longs to find proof of His existence, but an indication, a pointer, would satisfy him.

Like many theologians, Bowles has more correspondents than friends. Some study religion, some do not, but all research fields related to his own. One such is Jakob Tulving, a folklorist. They have, from time to time, spent pleasant weeks at each other’s houses, engaged in intricate conversations over rough red wine. Tulving’s studies have recently tended toward occultism, which, although naive, livens up the conversations pleasantly.

Bowles looks forward to hearing from Tulving again. Above all, however, he wants to know what he is studying. Jakob was always on the edge of something significant. Perhaps he has now found it. Perhaps, through him, the Reverend Bowles can find God.

Reverend John Bowles

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