Rosa Parker

Spirited Antiques Dealer




It has been said Rosa is a plain woman. This is perhaps true, although she resents being judged on that alone. She is also highly intelligent and, when someone gets to know her, loyal and loving. Yet what people remember is a large and brash woman. This saddens her.

Rosa is a successful antiques dealer, living in Stroud in Gloucestershire. Her clientele consists of well-heeled locals, mostly middle-aged women, and knowledgeable collectors, who travel great distances to view her latest stock. As a woman in the backbiting world of antiquarians, she has become bullish and tenacious. Shouting in auctions has made her strident. She is conscious, too, of being a couple of rungs lower on the class ladder than her clients, which adds a defensiveness to her character.

Yet, despite her exterior, she is a deeply loving person. Her sister, Priscilla, is the dearest thing in her life. She lives in Cornwall and they communicate by letter and telephone. Her relationship with her mother, who lives with Priscilla, is also close.

Above all, she is proud of getting things done. She is in Keswick for an antiques fair, at which she expects to fight dealers down to bargain prices. When she knows what she wants, those who stand in her way are doomed to fail.

Rosa Parker

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