Sally Williams

Precocious Nurse




Having worked at Guy’s Hospital for ten years, Sally has learned that she generally does know best, and is prepared to tell people so. She has worked in nursing for ten years and is beginning to fit the matron stereotype better than any other. This being the case, she is prepared to live up to it. However, nursing can be monotonous, and she compensates with endless curiosity about patients and conditions.

Recently, she covered a shift for another nurse, Victoria, with whom she shares a flat in Battersea. For one wonderful day, she worked at St Mary Bethelem hospital, fascinated by the crazies, half-wits and those on the journey to one of those states. Most of all, though, she liked Abraham Kale, who reminded her of her late grandfather. His madness seemed tempered with lucidity: indeed, she wondered whether he was genuinely mad, or had merely had strange and disturbing experiences. Under the pretext of fetching Victoria from work, she visits Mr Kale regularly.

Sally Williams

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