Sister Bertha

Amiable Nun




Funny things are always happening to Sister Bertha. The other day, she was in Lambeth Palace Library, talking to the librarian, who to be fair didn’t seem all that interested, but Bertha didn’t let that stop her being friendly, oh no, a friendly word never hurt anyone. Where was she?

Oh yes. She was in Lambeth Palace Library, talking to the librarian and then someone asked her to be quiet! Some people don’t like friendly people. Oh well. She keeps on smiling.

Now, to be fair, this friendliness does sometimes get her into trouble. She is always in the wrong place at the wrong time! Just the other day she left a book in the vestry and, when she returned to get it, two Sisters were kissing! Naturally, she didn’t tell anyone – other than a few close friends.

And she meets the most interesting people. Just the other day, in the library again, she met a nice priest called Bowles. What a coincidence, she told him. She plays bowls! He did not understand how funny this was and sent her to find books.

Amazingly, one of the books was stolen! From an antique bookseller in Oxford! She recognized the stamp as soon as she opened it! So the Library had to return it and they were not happy. Things like that are always happening to her.

Sister Bertha

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