Tristan Cavendish

Manager of Jacobs Books


Tristan Cavendish has been the manager of Jacobs Books for almost 20 years. He is a tall man with grey hair. He wears sombre suits and pince-nez spectacles. His personality is severe but always polite.

Cavendish founded the Friday Group after an experience similar to those of the Investigators. He discovered a book of mad ramblings on a shelf in the shop, and was alarmed to find he was listed as the author and it contained a number of his personal recollections. He is reluctant to speak of this, but since then his dreams have been filled with images of nightmarish creatures tearing the world apart. Using contacts at the British Library, he gained access to a number of Mythos tomes and deduced he was not simply going mad.

Tristan Cavendish

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