Woman Police Constable Ella McDonagh

Ambitious Stubborn Young Police Officer




Ella McDonagh loves her job. When the police started taking women police officers, she knew it was the career for her. She’ll never get married. If she did, she’d have to resign, and she’ll never do that.

If she is honest, she sees her present work as only the beginning. Working for the A4 branch (Women Police), she has dealt mainly with children. She wants more. She longs for something juicier, something she can get your teeth into. A murder. A disappearance. Anything she can investigate.

She is currently on a secondment to Golders Green CID, but is not allowed to call herrself a Detective Constable – at least officially she remains a Woman Police Constable. Still, Detective Inspector Berkshire hasn’t allowed the others in CID to use her as a tea girl. She’s been doing real detective work and she is hoping the secondment might become permanent after she finishes her two weeks annual leave.

If it does, she knows she’ll do it well. Her youth gives her an impenetrable self-assurance, bordering on stupidity, that sees her through most crises. Friends describe her as bullish or pigheaded. This self-assurance reflects an inflated opinion of her expertise. In any situation, she believes she knows best, and frequently order others away so she can do her job. Nevertheless, she is well-endowed with common sense. She may not know best, but she generally guesses right.

Woman Police Constable Ella McDonagh

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