The Final Revelation

Doreen (White)

Session 3

Missed the last meeting. Sister Annie turns up and says Frank Terry, is alcoholic and may turn violent however she is married to Callum McTavish.
She has left the brute who once had courted me and needs a place to stay.
Courted? I never courted any such foul brute, I am and was and always will be married to my work,

I ask her in and offer her a place to stay.

(the others have all suffered major life alterations.

The 4th Friday club meeting

The turn to the store takes us into St Martins lane, Cecil court has moved, to right angles of St Martins. This is not what we expect, November the 12th continues to be.

We walk into the court, it is different the buildings are run down, there’s no traffic noise, no pedestrians cars horses or anything,

We enter the shop, down to the cellar, where we as a group find all of our dessicated corpses.

My Character is clutching a book.

The rending box by a vanity publisher and doreen mills is the author…

I open it no dedication and came out first november 1937…

I turn to the first page of the story….



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