The Final Revelation

Session 1 - Les's Log

White PC’s
Player Character Profession History
Graham Luke Ogalthorp Photographer Was at fire, found it hard to get a good shot. Has been working with taking photos of fires to get better at it. Recently after developing a set of pictures he found images of what appeared to be fairies. But the images faded and did not appear again, even when the same negative was redeveloped.
The “fairies” had bat wings and stumpy tails.
Mark Brian Lucas Detective Sargent found file of strange disappearances written in his hand that he has no memory of writing.
Evan Anthony St John Has also encountered some unusual writing in his own hand that he has no memory of writing. The writings indicate something “behind the world”, a force working towards a particular end.
Rhain MS Renee Merritt Artist’s Model, nude of course, feminist. Hire to appear naked on an alter in a religious ritual. Then the scene changed and she found herself bound to a stake and her flesh being cut but she felt no pain. Then she returned to the photo shot.
Has a friend Selena
Andrew Doreen Mills Nurse Works in a nervous hospital. Some of the patients who have been in comas, sometimes for years, have begun murmurings about the end of days and of “them” being among us. No one else has heard these murmurings and they are always in Doreen’s voice, even when spoken by a man.
Missing – Catherine Holburn, works at the Muller Hospice, Matron Gladstone Ward.
Date, November 1937
Patrick, owner of the bookshop in Cecil Court, London
Catherine Holburn, Matron Gladstone Ward at the Muller Hospice, Croydon
Other Information
Patrick mentioned the “Opener of the Way”. Also says “Yog Sothoth, the great old ones, they are returning to reclaim this world from us”.
The Adventure
Session 1 – 10th May, 2016
The PC’s (above) gathered in Patrick’s bookshop’s basement to discuss their various strange events.
The following morning, a Saturday at 9am, the PC’s visit Matron Catherine Holburn at the Muller Hospice (in the Gladstone Ward). The patients have stopped dying, but they get sicker and sicker, exist in more pain, but don’t die.
Catherine takes the PC to bed 8 to show them a patient show looks dead but isn’t, a Ms Anthea Davies. She was the Head Mistress of a School of Saint Margaret’s, located on the Island of Saint Margaret’s. She saw things on the island that are unbelievable. She reports the island has been quarantined because of anthrax but that is but a cover story…

Red PC’s
Player Character Profession History
Graham Mark Rooney Artist/photographer Seeking the Stonemason Bracewell Gumption
Mark Isaac Frost As a room full of ancient treasures. Has a vacant stop on a self, seeking Mary Wolsey
Evan Spider Webb Handyman Lost brother Harry
Rhain Gerald Bosworth Reverend Seeking Chaplin Reverend Thomas Pulley
Andrew Capt Jack Ralston Retired cavalry officer and pilot
Les Bart Windsor-Clive History Professor Seeking his brother who was at the school under the assumed name of Lewis Davies.
Date: September, 1934
Bartholomew Althorp, Physics Master
Ms Anthea Davies, Head Mistress of a School of Saint Margaret’s
Rebecca Mackey, school nurse
Other Information

The Adventure
Session 1 – 10th May, 2016, a Monday
The PC’s are all travelling by ferry to the Island of Saint Margaret’s, only runs twice a week but usually runs in all weather, an 80ton steam ferry.
We are greeted by Bartholomew Althorp, Physics Master
The Reverend and Bart are introduced to Ms Anthea Davies, Head Mistress

Friday Club
1st Meeting Evening 1

Doreen 1 1937

10 May 2016

Jacobs Books Est 1887
Narrow 2 storey shop front
Jingling bell
Brian Lucas tall Policeman
Patrick Hough The bookstore owner
Renee Merritt the tall young woman.
Paul the Disreputable young man
Luke the Neatly dressed young man
Anthony Sinjin tall patrician like figure

The Cellar
Thick and heavy door
Bookshelves of old and heavy books, expensive books.
A circle of chairs and a small table with teapot etc.
Biscuit tin,
An open door to a storeroom
Another door to the ‘facilities’

Brian Files in hand writing he does not know
Paul sculptures that are disturbing, his work however does not recall creating.
Renee Tasteful model, recent photo shoot lying on an altar naked then tied to a stake figures chanting and dancing wood alight cut into flesh, then all went back to normal. Religious ritual lying naked on the altar.
Gave my story
Luke Photographer difficult photo shoots. taking photos of the fires discovered some sort of fairies among the flames. Only these first prints showed it and then they faded.
Anthony has experienced writing in his own hand of the opener of ways an unearthly threat.
Paul mentions yog Sothoth, Patrick speaks of the old ones returning to take the world from us.
Patrick discusses his flashes, memories he cant possibly have.
Sinjins writing is unconscious automatic style implying something behind the world and it is coming, sinister.
A secret power working or being brought to an end as yet unseen.
Discussed the files of the policeman, no rhyme, no reason.
The files are of people missing who the people who reported them as missing now no longer remember them.
Have they already happened? Or are they yet to happen.
No artefacts or no items, only existence is follow up witnesses
Who no longer believe the people even existed. Katherine the nurse has been contacted and we can see her tomorrow. Brandy is imbibed.
We agree to meet at the Mueller hospice in Croydon 9am.
Doreen Mills

Friday Club Pt 2
The next morning at the Hospice

Doreen 2 1937

10 May 2016

We attended the hospice at 9 am to speak with Katherine the nurse. We enter to the foyer. A smell of a good hospital assails our nasal passages. A very young nurse is sitting behind a counter putting on nail polish. We are here to see Nurse Holben, are directed to Gladstone Ward.

3 nurses one a matron. Patient is being given massive amounts of morphine due to massive pain. Patients aren’t dying, at a hospice.

Taken to see a Woman in bed 8 wasted, appears near if not beyond death. Should have ceased some time ago, She tells us her story

Anthea Davis head mistress of a school called st margarets off the coast of scotland. Saw things that defy reason. Wooden box on table. Full of photographs. Quarantined, anthrax. A lie
Doreen Mills

Dying at St Margarets

Capt Jack 1 1934

10 May 2016

1.Finnish and Bavarian legends are spoken off.
2. Letter to the times talking of a shooting star.
Bart – Colleagues friends wave you off from your club. A gun, map and pulp novel.
Isaac – Standing in your room of ancient treasures, empty spot waiting to be filled.
Mark – Article from the Times, images swarm in head about the meteor shower, promise of alien and prehistoric, Stone for a unsurpassed Sculpture
Raslton – Cradle the gun, feel the call, another foe to vanquish one more time
Bosworth – Seeks your friend tot he north.
Spider – Angry at the picture of Harry, look at it one last time, if the story is true a monster has fallen from the sky like the one that killed your brother. Its time to make it pay.

Ferry to the island. West coast of Scotland, close to the Hebrides.

The group: nThe pilot Cavalryman – me
The Colonial – Mark,
The Dapper – Graeme
The Manchesterian Vicar – Rhain
The Dilettante – Les
Spider the Navvy – Evan

The ferry is seaworthy, we are landed upon the island via gangplank and our luggage deposited. We are met by a suited shabbily dressed man and his large viechle. Bartholemew Allthorp the Physics teacher.

Head up to the school in the car. Told where the room is and then take luggage before going on to the stables to check the horses. Miserable Sway backed Nags.

Off to High Tea.

Session 2 - Les's Notes

Session 2 – 17th May, 2016 (September 1934, a Monday night)
The session began with the dinner on the night the PC arrived
Lost teachers – riding instructress, maintenance man, Mr Davies, Mary Wolsey, the Chaplin Reverend Thomas Pulley, all disappeared on the same night. The called themselves the “Seekers of Truth” (De veritate inquirentes). All went missing/left on the same night but left possessions behind, which. They all went missing in mid-July.
The PC accessed the attic after Mr Webb picked the lock. Reverend Bosworth found some files that the Seekers ordered many items at the school’s expense, items that indicated that they seemed to be interested in an expedition.
Bart and Isaac found boxes of the Seekers that had many of the possessions, except for the sort of things that one might take on an expedition (hiking shoes, a gun, heavy clothing). Mary left a note saying they were going looking for something and that they were leaving everything with Sarah.
In the Sanatorium, Capt. Jack Rolston found two jugs, one with white, milky looking stuff (Milk of Magnesia) and one with brown liquid. The brown one smells like turnips or parsnips (some kind of soup).
In the morning, Capt. Rolston is told that the students all have osteoporosis by the School Nurse, Rebecca Mackey.
Also in the morning the Reverend sees at the horizon what might an aurora.
Bart discovers that his girls have been taught most recently Bavarian creation myths.
Isaac Frost finds out that the wife of the local barman (pub owner) is named Sarah. Sarah used to work at the school as the Secretary of the School. Sarah is also under the impression that the Seekers did a “midnight flit”. Sarah gives to Isaac a choker that belonged to Mary. All the Seekers left items with Sarah. Sarah reports that she was always sick while working at the school and even broke bones more easily (broke her wrist twice). Sarah tells Isaac that the Seekers used to hang around the old school theatre and that she thinks that they may have met in or under it. They talked about going under. Sarah also confirms that the Seeker purchased climbing equipment.
Mark Rooney staffs the Sanatorium that night and confirms that they girls, 8 of them, have some form of osteoporosis, arthritis, low bloody pressure and low heart rates.
The Reverend, Bart and Capt. Rolston went down to the pub. Rolston asked the sailors if they took anyone off the island in July, none did. The Reverend recovers a crucifix and Bart recovers his brother’s whiskey flask.

St Margarets Day 2
St Margarets

Capt Jack 2 1934

17 May 2016

The High Tea.
Seating per CR.
Aldthorpe, Bart, Jack, Rev Bos and Isaac Frost is at the table.
The others are in the kitchen.
Students are below the high table, the others are taking the trollies around and providing the girls there dinners. 100 Students.

Most other teachers have left/high staff turnover. Headmistress in place for 20-30 years.

Bland Cod in milk accompanied by excellent wine.

My Fiancée (the riding instructress) vanished the same night as many of the other staff. This is troubling. White sweet blanc mange is served for dessert

Planning to go down to the village , however will cover at the sanatorium tonight.

There is a pub in the village, Will ask of the fisherman if anyone has taken anyone to the shore recently.

For now I will check the girls, make sure they are right and read through the records, what there is, of the medical events of the school.

They left mid july, it is now september, three little girls that are hurt all had falls. There are medical records however they all seem muddled to me. Perhaps one of the academics could make sense of them or someone medically trained.

The missing teachers were well liked by the students according to the girls.

Notice two large jugs. Read the girls story books. White liquid milky looking but no milk smell, the other is brown thick fluid. Thick viscose fluids. White might be milk of magnesia. The brown one is turnips smelling .

Sleep on a cot in the Sanatorium.

Rebecca Mackey the nurse.

Osteoporosis is rife among the girls despite supplements and diet that should prevent it.

Take classes during the day there is about 6 girls who are ok, and know what they are doing and don’t fall off.
Falling off would be bad with brittle bones. I get them to brush the horses and muck the stables.

After the dinner I head to the pub with the Pastor and the Dandy. I ask the fishermen if they took anyone off the island and they deny it. I ply them with alcohol. Apparently Ginnie Jameson my Fiancee was down here regularly and drank heartily.

We headed back to the school…

We met up with Artist Mark at the Sanatorium. We shared information.

Capt Jack 3
On St Margarets

24 May 2016

Evening we are looking for the theatre. However we are currently at the infirmary.

Seekers of the truth have vanished about the 14th of July, spent time together in the old theatre.

Current Plan: Find out where theatre is and go check it out Saturday in our free time.
In between we will go visit Sarah and see if she has items from my beloved.

We retire to our rooms to sleep.

I wake. Something is in this room. In the darkness almost a light a shimmering haze a presence.

I am filled with horror (lost 4 stability as I rolled a 2) With the dawn I rise and and tend the horses seeking refuge in the familiar routine, the normal, the horses are skittish and difficult, I am exhausted and distressed and have a haunted and hunted look.

We are told of the Aurora that the Reverend saw Wed Morning.

It when described does not sit right to my mind.

The others ask about the Theatre they seek.

The interrogates children in his spare time.arts master

The theatre has sets and could be a fairy tale a Panto.

It was sealed long ago, is moldy and mildewed the poor tortured child admits at last after hours of torment trying to paint a bowl of fruit.

The ‘Handyman’ investigates the exterior and plans his routes of ingress.

I wait till lunch to discuss with the reverend evil presences and exorcism, casting out evil presences.

Talk to the Reverend I have unsettled him and myself yet more.

Talking to the Head mistress, Miss Lindsay was the teacher who drove the shows , the theatre was closed before the head mistress joined the school as a teacher.

The Classics Master was searching the attic.

After dinner I joined Aldthorpe and Classics and Rev for the pub run.

We go to the grey Sailor. I talk with Sarah who gives me a parcel wrapped in tissue paper. I drink several strong drinks whilst I decide if I am to open it.

During the argument the last before she left, I was enraged at what the war had done to me and I threw away my war service medals. She must have found them and put them in this and left them for me.

Click Saturday.

We enter the theatre via side door. One with a window above it. We enter the dreaaing rooms. Benches cupboards make up stands mirrors etc

Door that goes into theatre the n one into the rear of the theatre, we go through the smaller door, and find a staircase below/behind it heading down.

We investigate the auditorium. We wind up going down the stairs. Down the stairs is a cavern not natural like a cellar. Against the walls a re desks with papers tools and books. In the centre o f the room is a large machine, a 15 ft arm attached to a pivot, and a flywheel and cables attached to a generator. It has cables and is unfamiliar in aspect and usager. .

We find books, many from the library. We find a clue to thatwhichwe do,

We find a tome scribbled in and it is bout creatus r

Find books and letters written to a physicist in Austria

Read about the arm device. It appears to claim to be a way of manufacturing a gate between worlds with a miniature black sun.

The book Die Jungerfeldt ‘the young world’

Textbook of creation stories and of fallen creatures that remain buried till today.

The generator is started and the arm begins to spin. The darkness forms at its centre I cry a gate way a gate way’ Rev turs it down i stagger to the gen and throw the lever again.
Sense trouble suggests this is a bad idea.
Forcing of the lever.
I stop the forcing of the lever. It slows and we read the books and find the note,
They fell to the earth when the world was young
Astro desk, plots of trajectories showing the meteors from the sky with the assumption it is not a meteor it is an alien or a god. 12 may 1914.
A meteor fell into st margarets bay, date of tues 14 July.
The machine has symbols inscribed for a summoning ritual.
The glyphs include a contain or banish.
More of the myths – horrific and extra details added of a vampire floating between the stars sucking the life out of the victims a gas that drains the life an idiot god at the centre
of the universe.
The monsters described are an invasion, i feel younger and more capable. I can stop them. It is my duty for king and Country.

Session 3 - Les's Notes

The session began where the last session left off, with the PC’s in the theatre, some in the room below and some at the top of the stairs leading down. The machine, briefly activated, had been turn off.
Bart, like the others, had a kind of day dream. For him though he was attracted to the idea of battling and defeating these creatures from other planets. Isaac wants more knowledge while Gerald wants to rescue the Party’s lost friends.
The Party left the theatre and headed to the west island to investigate.
As the Party heads down the stone stairs to the bay below, Isaac speaks of an Indian legend of a spirit creature that seeps into the ground and sucks the life from the land and people. There are a series of caves, one of which that looks to Mark to be more likely than others to have been the place where a meteor would have crashed to earth.
The cave makes sight difficult, vision is obscured by something… The cave also has the look that it is decaying…
As they went deeper vision became more difficult. Isaac finds a burnt match stick and a sixpence from 1926. Eventually the cave opens up into what might have been a camp site, with blankets against the wall, a camp fire, a shotgun, grappling hook and ropes. Bart found his brother’s signet ring.
Capt Rolston felt drawn to the small cave and found a human-ish shape slumped against the wall. It looks like the corpse of someone left for weeks or months. It was the body of a woman, Isaac believes it to be Mary Wolsey. As he tried to bush the dust from the face it crumbled away.
The PC’s proceeded into the caves where the Reverend Bosworth found a cruifix, around the neck of what appeared to be a body, however it moved when the Reverend approached. As Isaac tried to help by taking Thomas’ (the body belonging to Reverend Thomas Pulley) the arm shattered! (taking with it the stability of many of the PC’s).
Drawn forward, the PC entered into a large cave where they were confronted by a large thing that drained the will to live from all the PC’s.
Isaac, Bart and Mark ran from the room, while Spider Webb blew his brains out. Capt Rolston shot futilely at the thing before also running. The Reverend also ran.
The surviving PC’s fled the island.

The White PC’s

The Party is standing next to the bed of Ms Davies who has just related the story above (the Red PC’s).

A week later, Friday 12th November 1937

Patrick, the shop owner, dismissed his assistant Agnes as Renee arrived and ushered down the stairs. Luke, Anthony, Doreen, Brian and Paul arrive shortly following. A new man joined them, Michael Dunning. Mister Dunning claims to have been present the week before and on the journey to Ms Davis, but none Mr Dunning and Patrick remember him been there.
Patrick and Michael seem convinced that:
there have been several meetings
the first meeting took place on November the 12th, 1937
(that they all occured on November the 12th).
Following much confusion regarding the date, the Party entrained for Sheppards Bush, where Mr Dunning’s clock shop (Dunning’s Quality Clocks) is, so that he can show the PC’s the creature that is roosting with his pigeons.
The shop was dead quiet with the various clocks stopped on various times.
The strange bird is present, with human hands and one eye like a cat’s. As the Party looked at the bird, it started sing. The song sounds like whispering human voice.

Captain Jack 4 (Red Character)
On St Margarets

The cavern beneath the theatre.

There is no way into the caves from here. The Machine sits, silent waiting loathing sitting malevolently. I shudder at the dark eye that was present, the gateway to the spaces between the stars.

We discuss how to get to the caves. We are going to explore the cliffs and look for a path down. We consider asking the children. We decide its a bad idea but we do so anyway…

We force our way into the air and breath deeply of the now clear and fresh air.

The children direct us to the cliff edge and a staircase they cannot use.

We find a way down and descend carefully.

’Use stairs with care"

A haze gathers about us. The rock seems soft and strange. Our mason points out a cave unlike the others, not the action of the sea. Perhaps that of a descending meteor, a hot knife through butter.

It is not covered by the high water mark, we head to it. We venture forth into the darkened entry., the haze

WE look about the haze thickens, it is difficult to describe, it is almost as if it is within, a constant presence. Moss is in the cave ( red weed ????)

The surfaces of the tunnel seem to be decaying.

Let us push forth. A sense of unease comes about, we walk forward, without the touch of our hand upon stone we would lose our way.

The moss is dry and crumbly. Classics torch picks out a burnt match stick. Coins are buried in the drift of sand. Coins from 1926, 1880s, 1930.

We walk forward and find a campsite, blankets remnants of a fire, a shotgun, ropes, hook.

Our dandy finds a family signet ring. He can tell its his own brothers. Individualised to him.

A small cave a humanish shape I find a body of a woman probably not my beloved. Classics touches the face seemingly familiar with the form, his lightest touch destroys her face and her glasses fall into his hands. This is terrible and disturbing however does not drive me away.

The rev comes and sees the body, he speaks a prayer, the body is fragile and dust and crumbles completely away at the touch. Only the metal remains. Flesh and clothing crumbles at the touch.

A weak fire is lit, it casts a weak light and weaker heat.
Classics collects the remains in a blanket as best he can and leaves it in the main cave.

We push deeper in taking blankets with us.

I lead off followed by classics. The Rev says a shimmer of metal and cries out. A crucifix, a body molded into the wall.

The body moves and blinks and rasps forth a soft cry ’ help me, help me’

Classics grabs its arm, it crumbles and we lose our shit (-5 stability) We stagger forward into the vast strange old cavern it fills us with horror and despair. The mist fills us and despair fills us.

Our country awaits only doom, this is too powerful it will destroy our green and pleasant land sucked beneath the waves. I scream in rage and frustration and draw my pistol and fire unable to accept this my sense of duty holding me to this spot, to fight whilst I have the option. I throw my now emptied pistol into the thing and then flee the chamber sobbing.

I know now my fiancee is gone, lost to this horror, There is nothing here left for me now. I flee the island at the first chance. Whether that be the ferry or bribing a fisherman. I flee this horror and the haze, we evacuate the school, and the island follows. It is quarantined, an anthrax outbreak.

Doreen 3 (White Character)
Back at the Friday meeting

We listen to the former headmistress as her story comes forth. Of how she is persuaded to evacuate the school and the island, fleeing the pestilence. Her story was vivid and terrible.

The following week. At the Friday club. 6pm.

We approach Jacobs Books.
Its a Cold night. I arrive to find Patrick, and some of the others already present, Patrick looks tired done in. I suggest some drops of iodine in water.

A strange fellow enters, michael dunning he seems to have joined our group.

It is the 12th of November, He insists he was with us at the last meeting, and at the Hospital when we spoke to the Headmistress.

The meeting starts we remain unconvinced however his tale
is convincing.

November the 12th, thats the date.

Something alters our perception. November the 12th 1937 is the date.

We visit Dunnings shop as a grop. He really wants to get to kinow the issue.


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