Jacobs Books

Jacobs Books is located in the middle of a row of other specialist and antiquarian bookshops on Cecil Court, a side street in London’s theatre district, just off Charing Cross Road. It has been selling occult and esoteric books since 1887, and has a reputation as one of London’s premier occult bookshops. The main floor is filled with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, which cover each wall, and customers can find works on any almost esoteric subject they can imagine. The books in this section are all current publications; rare and out-of-print volumes are kept in the cellar. Access to the cellar is by appointment only – or to meetings of The Friday Group.

The cellar is a large, clean, brightly lit room. Locked glass-fronted cabinets against each wall contain a large collection of old books, many bound in leather. When there are meetings, plain wooden chairs are taken out of a storeroom and placed in a circle in the
centre of the room. There is a small room containing a lavatory and sink off the cellar and a table with an electric kettle, teapot and mugs, as well as tins of tea, instant coffee, and cocoa. A tin of biscuits is kept in a locked cabinet.

The nearest Underground station is Leicester Square.

At different times, the manger has been Patrick Howells and Tristan Cavendish. Beatrice Wren is the only other employee. It is owned by a silent partner, never seen, presumably named Jacob.

Jacobs Books

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