St Margaret's School

St Margaret’s is a private boarding school, accommodating girls between 8 and 13 years of age. Most of these girls are from Southern England, of parents who enjoy the idea of an austere, isolated environment, with no distractions from study. When each term starts, the children are driven up to Scotland, shipped over on the ferry to St Margaret’s Island, and educated at the school until the term ends, when they are returned to their parents.


St Margaret’s heyday was in Victorian times, when its mission, to educate young ladies without frivolity, sat well with the zeitgeist. Since the turn of the century, St Margaret’s reputation and educational standards have decayed, and the school has become anachronistic.


Anthea Davies, Headmistress
Bartholomew Althorp, Physics Master
George Marr, Caretaker
Mary Clegg, Cook
Rebecca Mackey, Nurse
Sarah McCree, (Former) Secretary
Mr Bracewell Gumption, Stonemason (Missing)
Miss Ginnie Jameson, Riding Instructress (Missing)
Reverend Thomas Pulley, Chaplain (Missing)
Mr Bill Webb, Groundsman (Missing)
The Honourable Lewis Windsor-Clive, Gym Master (Missing)
Mrs Mary Wolsey, English Mistress (Missing)
Captain Jack Ralston RFC, Riding Instructor
David Bartholomew Ignatius Windsor-Clive, Viscount Fosberry (Bart), History Master
Isaac Frost, Classics Master
Marc Rooney, Art Master
Phil ‘Spider’ Webb, Groundsman
Reverend Gerald Bosworth, Chaplain


Sally Moore


The Dining Hall
The Kitchen
The Sanatorium
The Attic
The Old Theatre
The School Library

St Margaret's School

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