The Mueller Hospice

The Mueller Hospice is on tree-lined Bedford Place in a residential area of Croydon, a suburb to the south of London. The surrounding area is filled with semi-detached houses and is largely peaceful. The building that houses the hospice is a modestly sized, single-storey stone building with well-kept grounds.

The rooms and corridors inside the hospice are painted white, and everything is clean. Large windows are set in the external walls, and sunlight fills the building. The air smells strongly of disinfectant and surgical spirits, but there is an underlying smell of human sickness that nothing can completely mask.

There are two main wards — Gladstone and Bennett wards, named for benefactors — each of which houses a dozen beds. The hospice is at full occupancy, and three nurses work each ward, including the matrons.

The hospice is easily accessible from either West Croydon or East Croydon railway stations.

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The Mueller Hospice

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