The Final Revelation

Arthur Nott 3 (Blue Character)

The birds flashback 3.

The pathologist discussion continues…

We convince him to check the head of Abraham he saws open the head and cuts into the brain with a scalpel, the room fills with a mossy smell and his hand is covered with a black liquid, he tastes it and it is sweet.

He takes a sample and will look it at it in the lab.

Nurse Williams is concerned about infection. He proceeds with the autopsy takes about an hour. He notes the black goop was in the brain replacing some of the expected fluids. Certifies death as respiratory arrest as per advanced age. The brain doesnt show trauma bruising or damage.

Andrea is taking samples of the liquid, blood, brain tissue, no other organs seem diseased.

Nurse rogers is to be interrogated. She has only just gone off shift so we will go see if we can wake her in her cottage on the grounds. Nurse Wilkie tells us where to find Nurse Rogers.

We approach the Cottage and meet the nurse who informs us there was a note telling them to kill us.

I obtain a trepanning kit. Professor Wright obtains a Geiger Counter. We agree to get there at 4pm.

We drive towards rydell, I stop alarmed as Andrea is making a ‘Older Sign’ whihc is one of warding.

We have one hand drawn each now, i investigatethe church especially looking foor the 1697 young women deaths.

Reginald Naismith donated a pew about 40 years ago, this could be the shepherd or a relative. Next time speak to reg ask why he donated a pew.

Records went missing 2 or 3 years ago. The young girl is Alice Vincent.Father Vincents daughter.

The more recent records are from 2 years ago, only a few hatches matches and despatches, first funeral is millicent vincent who needed bishops approval to be buried (suicide?) and approval was given quickly.

We talk to alice who confirms for us that she knows of the cult sex fest. She directs us to Mrs Murgatroid (Widow)

We talk to the Teacher Murgatroid and discover she has no knowledge of the ritual, she knows it is related to the birds gathering, there is a large flat engraved stone near the stables she visited and things began happening after this dont go at night. You may fall down a mine shaft. The stone belonged to the birds according to Naismith. He may not be aware either. She has disturbing vague dreams and sleep. Visited it a few months ago. Been here a year, temps for the year prior and the vicars wife prior to that (the suicide)

Dunn the barman we discuss things with him

I had to go to the loo. When I come back

We ar efollowing Alice into the woods. She is standing on the stone holding a razor we run forward and shout stop alice stop. She does stop, she recites again the bavarian poem and we take off the stone and investigate it. Dwyer has taken the razor.

We look at the stone and it s porous and very unusual and unknwn, it has a picture of a constellation o n it. It is a large stone, there are slate quarries about which could give shafts that lead beneath it.

We take alice home and hand her to the father, there was senn as a pattern for hundreds of years that women die early and unexpectedly.

We are going to wait till the morning before going to the quarry to investigate the stone. We discover the records were evacuated to the cathedral.

In the morning we take supplies and head to the quarry.

We enter the tunnels with our torches after a short way we are in natural caves with workings occasional to shore up and stuff, the air gusts rythmically back and forth as if pumped and the rotting meat spell, we ar eunsure of what this could mean but we forge onwatrds. In the first cave is one of the ‘birds’ rotten and dead . We inspect the carcass it has mini human hands and a deformed right hand just like father vincent the rot increases and creatures alive asleep and made up discarded corpses of rotted torn apart creatures.

With the hands of kale….

The caves are deep and worrying, some degree of levelling out yet they get deeper and deeper not man made shafts leading downwards.

Carved shafts….

The creatures are awake no longer in unison breathing and now they attack us.

We panic and run, some of our people lose there torches.

I run into a wall and collapse in the dark.

I awake in the dark bruised and yet unharmed. There is a different man in the bar, no derek rawlings a different vicar

I ask what day, it is Friday as I believed however the year is different. It is 1953. I ask for a pint and fumble out a old
pound note to pay for it…..



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