The Final Revelation

Sister Bertha (Orange)

Session 1

November 1935 Cold day. To be expected.
Amiable, Pushy, Assertive, Gossipy.

Golders Green Ramano, Witts and Goldberg

Reverend Bowles is there who why I play Bowls how amusing that joke was and I remind him of that.
I head into the store at the lead of the pack of antiquers
Crowded with Curios and odds and end King Lear in the nude.

A room with a table with a box on it.

I step through the curtain and head over to the table continuing to sing out my haloos.
The box has a note, Paid, Tulving, To Collect.

I call out who its addressed too.

I pick up the box…
Ornate, Carved wooden box, 1 foot high.

The carvings are gothic looking NeoGothic Victorian maybe.

I accidentally open the box

A bizarre sculpture of rods and hemispheres, metallic and moving seeming, rods are straight yet curved

MC Escherish sort of objects Sort of alive.

Ver. y Abstract art and its bigger than the box…

The Female policeman checks out the object and the box and puts it in the box again

The sculpture contains all the secrets of the Universe and more. I know it I feel it.

The owner of the store arrives, he bought it from a gentleman in Saud Africa, who says he got it from Australia.
The owner says he was going to check with the royal museum .

We agree to go to the Museum, before we head to Keswick in the lakes district.

At the Museum.

References to the box is found, it has been well travelled, and is at least 7 to 800 years old or more. Of its contents nothing is said. The carvings are an overlay on original carving. I take some rubbings that seem to be different each time I look at it.

In the list of books at the back the most recent name is Jacob Tulving, Carlysle Square Kensington.

We go to visit the terrace. We cant really take a train till the morning. He leaft about 2 weeks before.
We meet at Paddington for the 9am train, which will take us till 7pm t get there. 10 hour train trip, with changes at multiple stations.
I ring ahead and book a room at the Hotel at Keswick. Blackstone Inn.

In the food car there is a party and a asuckling pig that isnt a pig, I dont eat it we take the bus penrith to keswick when we get there. The land about is like folds of white flesh covered in snow/sleet

Turns out Mr Tulving has fled to Raven Glass. We can take a 8am bus. We turn in straight away, after I check the guest book notes, and find Mr Tulving said enjoyed the stay and moves on to greater things.

We move on in the morning to the Hotel Raven Glass, We arrive and it seems deserted.



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