The Final Revelation

Sister Bertha (Orange 3)

3rd Session

We prepare to head to Horsefall Woods in the morning.

We are studying the item. It is fascinating. The group is going to the woods. Yes yes the woods, lovely dark and deep.

I make a full english breakfast. Those who wish eat heartily. Police girl seems very…negative about the trip to the woods. I feel confident that we will learn more . We should take the device with us.

We convince Mr Minit to carry the box, with the device.

Mr Tulving, wont come to the woods, as he has seen enough, he has seen it all. We will leave him behind. We make him comfortable as best we can. I organise some drink and food, hard bread, cheese ham and chicken for our walk in the woods.

The others find a lantern, blankets. We head to the woods following in the direction Ella the police girl felt the body was taken.

W undertake a 3 mile walk in the woods. The weather is lovely. We penetrate deeper, the trees denser, canopy thicker. There is bird song. . We see a small child staring through the trees. I offer the boy a sweetie he runs and is dressed in rags. He could be a woodland child, Fairy Folk.

Disquieted we move on in the directiion we were heading checked by the bearing from a watch.

We shortly emerge in to a clearing. The boy is in the clearing along with a wiry elderly man dressed simply.

I give the child a boiled lolly. Tom and Grappa the adult.

His accent is middle eastern, greek, turkish, gyppo.

We question if they saw a body or someone moving one in the forest.

He becomes visibly nervous.

‘Tom says, Mother protects us’

He tells us they took Mrs Baddely from the Hotel as a sacrifice.

He explainss that this is the grove of Shub Niggurath.The Police woman speaks of Daeloth. That Daeloth is the gresater.

I find the ground is sticky moist and warm milk odoriferous.

Eugh. This cant be good.

The trees are thicker and there is a shrine like space.

It is like an Altar.

The others discuss things and what is going on.

The box is opened at the shrine….

(I rolled a 1! Aaaagh )

With clarity I see this is an abomination unto ‘God’ (which god???? I am not sure which god I speak of) Shub niggurath needs to be dealt with. With absolute truth. A niggling feeling makes me wonder what makes me feel this way.

What is dynamite. Destructive very destructive.
Bowles, (lol I do bowling) is manipulating the object a rod points we follow the rod.

The paths through the forest begin to descend, it is getting darker and the lantern shines. We have descended below ground. Roots and dirt above us. Moss and unidentifiable vegetation.

All of us begin to see with horror what is down here.Rivulets of smelly clear liquid? Bile….oh my we are in a stomach ( nyah nyah I made my roll)

Before us yawns a sheer drop.

A vertical shaft down which the bile flows.

We descend one by one on a difficult descent. The doctor dolores is not going to descend.The ground is spongy and slippery and the walls coated in bile.

We continue on, we hear an animal cry a wimpering however it is perhaps a human. We see a woman, an elderly woman lying on the floor. Mrs Baddely is impaled on a root. A doctor would need to amputate. We try to get the doctor to come down and relieve her of her burden.

She refuses.

We pray the last rites for her and ease her passing we penetrate to the centre. The device
Ctivates and advises it can stop
The Shub niggurath but one must stay behind.

This abomination must be destroyed. I will stay. Rev Bowles (oh I play that bowls haha) joins me in the last rites as the device holds time at bay while I do this. The other flee. I join the device and await my fate as I sacrifice myself to it…

I cut out my eyes to see the truth…



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