Paul Turner

Haunted sculptor





Paul has never had any doubt in his own mind that he is talented, possessed of a unique vision that needs to be shared with the world. The problem so far is that the world has not been quick to see this, and he still relies on a stipend from his father for subsistence, and even occasionally on petty thievery. This hurts his ego, but he knows his work will bring him immortality of a form, even if posthumously.

His work has always been intuitive, drawing as much upon his dreams and imaginings as on what his eyes see. His hands find shapes in the clay and then his conscious mind moulds them into beauty. Recently, though, he has discovered pieces of work in amongst the others that he does not remember creating, but which are undeniably in his style. They are nightmarish shapes that do not draw from any natural or imaginary source he can identify. When he look at them, he feels echoes of something he cannot define, of imminent danger.

Now all his work is tainted by his attempts to make sense of these shapes, and the few collectors who valued his work have stopped buying. He has decided to attend a meeting of people who have had similar experiences to find out if he is mad or if there really is some occult threat looming over the world.

Paul Turner

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