The Final Revelation

Session 10 - Les's Notes

Orange Characters

A Cold day in November, 1935, the Thorndyke Hotel, Ravenglass, the Lake District.

  • Les as Theo Warren
  • Evan as Reverend John Bowles
  • Andrew as Sister Bertha
  • Mark as Ella McDough
  • Rhain as Leon Minute


  • Graham as Doctor Dolores Muir

The group found Jakob Tulving, the lone occupant of the Thorndyke Hotel, in his room. He had removed his eyes, cut them out, but claimed to be able to see clearly. Ella held up 4 fingers and Jakob recognised he was doing so. As the group discussed why they were there they were joined by Leon Minute, who was also sent a postcard.
The box was given to Jakob and he opened it.
At some stage in its past the hotel’s library would have been very pleasant, but by the time the group visit it, it is very run down. While there are the run of the mill books there are also more esoteric titles. Members of the group reach out to take various titles and read them. The one taken by the Reverend is the story of the replacement teachers.
Strangely the box has also relocated to the library and Jakob is agitated by it. The Reverend opened the box and began to behave very strangely. Ella struggled to close the box but eventually succeeded as the Reverend returned to his senses.
Jakob eventually told the group what he sees when he looks at the box, that it explains everything, the true nature of the universe.
The group read other books from the library and managed to piece together a semi-complete picture of what the other characters have experienced. In the carpark, Ella who had fled the building and tried to drive away but had to return, found indications that a human sized body had been dragged through the carpark.



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