The Final Revelation

Session 8 - Les's Notes

Green Characters

  • Graham as Michael Laws
  • Mark as Helen Long
  • Evan as Lord Hilary Exeter
  • Rhain as Mr Tom Jones
  • Les as Rosa Parker


  • Andrew as

1935, Manesty, UK.
The group left the school house for the Manesty Inn, the Leightwood Inn. Michael recognised his brother Geoffrey sitting at the bar. Geoffrey reported feeling strange, not alive. Michael checked and found that Geoffrey had no pulse.
The group, including Geoffrey, returned to Keswick and the key to Mare Wareing, before proceeding to the hospital and the library.
At the hospital Michael examined Geoffrey and found him to have no pulse, no blood pressure and a body temperature about 4 degrees below where it should have been. The head doctor, Henry Rockdale, also examined Geoffrey and confirmed Michael’s findings. He recalled another similar case in 1816 involving a Betty Wareing from Manesty. The file that contained the case history of Betty referenced the destruction of Manesty.
Hilary found records in the library that Manesty was destroyed in the summer of 1816 (Low Manesty) by a very localised earthquake. He continued his research and found that it was also destroyed in 1697 (Lower Manesty). All throughout its history the Wareing family is occasionally mentioned. An old letter, dated to 1854, in the library speaks of blasphemous creatures reported by locals to be in existence in Manesty. The various destructions left ruins of the previous versions of the village.
The group investigated the Low Manesty ruins and found a scratched carving of a humanoid figure with tentacles for arms and legs, which was very similar to the drawing found in the school house.
Back at the Manesty inn the barmaid insisted on listening to a radio that played only static but during the evening both Hilary and Rosa seem to hear a voice in it.
During the night the group was woken by a strange music seemingly calling them to the old school house. As they approached the school house the saw 2 humanoid figures dancing around a figure on the ground with a radio off to the side. When Hilary shown the torch at the dancing shapes they were revealed to be Lisa and Bethany Wareing, one holding a carving knife, and they were dancing around a dead pig, the girls dresses were black with congealed blood.
When Helen called out to them they reacted and were distressed and told the group that the pig was supposed to wake and they were surprised that it hadn’t.
They returned the girls to their house and Mary gave them a map, apparently left by Jack Wareing, making a place called Maiden House on the moor above Manesty.
The following morning the group went up to Maiden Moor to find Maiden House. When found it had looked abandoned with shuttered windows. The whole ground floor was one large room with papers scattered everywhere. There was a portable gas cooker, a radio and stairs leading upwards and the smell of bile hung in the air.
Rosa began picking up the papers and collecting them. Michael identified one of the diagrams on one of the papers as a circuit diagram for electronic wiring. Suddenly the radio came to life and the static on the radio was replaced with the voice of Jack Wareing talking to his children, the group. Hilary engaged the voice in conversation and asked for an explanation. Jack told them that they had been sent away and that he hoped that they would not be called back. Hilary found a page the spoke of a cycle of 119 years, at the end of which massive creatures would emerge from the ground and destroy everything around.
Jack further explained that the Wareing family are not human and that Geoffrey must be cut free from his body to become what he must. He told them that they must take Geoffrey to Castlerigg Stone Circle and sacrifice him into the earth.
Rosa asked her father what sacrificing Geoffrey will achieve and was told that it will stop him from dying. When asked if it would stop the creatures from emerging from the ground Jack told Rosa that the family is the creatures.
Helen went with Michael into town and warned the villages and collected Geoffrey
When they gathered at the Castlerigg circle they performed the ritual and buried Geoffrey. Over the course of the year following each of the characters were similarly sacrificed, with Tom, the youngest, sacrificed by Lisa and Bethany…



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