The Final Revelation

Session 9 - Les's Notes

White Characters

It is again the 12th of November, 1937

Missing – Catherine Holburn

A week passes as the date remains the 12th of November, 1937. Things had gone very wrong.
Paul’s lover confronted him about his infidelities and had smashed many of his works. Paul had no memory of marrying Agatha but decided that discretion was the better part of valour and threw himself on her mercy, swearing never to misbehave again.
Anthony St John returned to his bookshop to find that its name had been changed, along with the locks, to Pettigrew’s Books. The entire bookshop had been reorganised. It seems that Mr St John had gone bankrupt several weeks prior.
Brian Lucas was met by his sergeant and was surprised to learn that he had been dismissed for being mad. He, of course, had no memory of that event.
Luke Ogalthorp went to bed in his home but woke up in a police cell. He was warned to leave Ms Simpson alone, Ms Wallace Simpson.
The following week the Friday club reassembled. However all the members of the Friday Club note that the streets have changed, The streets are completely quiet and still unusually dirty. The group approached Jacob’s Books, but the door was hanging off it’s hinges. Down in the cellar the chairs are arranged for a meeting, but they are covered in dust and cobwebs. Each also seats a desiccated corpse wearing the clothes of the group. The bodies were indeed the bodies of the group.
Paul discussed the idea that the group had all died on November the 12th. Doreen recovered from her hands a book, apparently written by her, called the Rending Box.

Orange Characters

A Cold day in November, 1935, Saint Andrew’s Parade, Golders Green

  • Les as Theo Warren
  • Evan as Reverend John Bowles
  • Andrew as Sister Bertha
  • Mark as Ella McDough
  • Graham as Doctor Dolores Muir


  • Rhain as

Ella watched a strange group of people, the other players, arrive at a shop. She approached as they entered.
After a brief discussion it seems that 3 of the group, Theo, John and Dolores, were sent to a postcard with a request that a box be collected from an antiques shop in Golders Green.
Sister Bertha picked up the box and deliberately allowed the box to fall open. Inside the box was a bizarre sculpture of rods and hemispheres, about 18 inches tall. Everything about the object seemed wrong, almost like it was breathing. The problem was that the box that contained it was only 12 inches long.
The shop owner, David Rabinowitz, told the group that it came to him from Australia, via South Africa. Mr Rabinowitz suggests that the group could find out more information from the British Museum. There the group managed to track down references to the box, which seems to have traveled widely and is apparently over 800 years old, possibly much, much older. The cravings on the box may have been carved over older carvings.
Sister Bertha found that the most recent person to check the notes on the box in the British Museum was Jakob Tulving, the man that had sent Theo, John and Dolores to collect the box.
The group went to Tulving’s house in Kensington, the address that was listed on the card in the British Museum.
The following morning the group gathered at Paddington Station to begin the 10 hour train trip to Keswick. The group called ahead to book rooms at the Blackstone Inn in Keswick.
The dining car of the train was booked for a private party for the youngest daughter of the Earl of Merineth but she invited the group in. Everyone except Sister Bertha watched a suckling pig being carved, but she saw a green and pink blob. Theo, John and Dolores ate the pork.
The train pulled into Penrith and the group court the bus to Keswick. When they arrived at the Inn the night manager informed them that Jacob had moved on to Ravenglass. The following day the group went on to the Thorndyke Hotel in Ravenglass.



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