The Final Revelation

Session 6 (Les's Notes)

Blue Characters

Before 1937, the morgue, Bethlem Royal Hospital (Bedlam), the autopsey of Abraham Kale
At the suggestion of the Party, Dr Colfe cut into Kale’s head and immediately noticed a sweet tasting and smelling black liquid present. The impression is that the black liquid had replaced other fluids in the brain.
Andrea good samples of blood, brain and the black liquid.
The party spoke to Nurse Rogers and she informed them that Mr Kale had left a note that they were to be contacted if he was near to death.
They agreed to regroup at midday, it being around 4:30am after the autopsy and questioning.
On the drive back to Rydal Pastor Knott noticed that Andrea is tracing, seemingly unaware, on the dashboard an strange sign…

Knott identified it as an “Older” sign and reports that it reputed to ward against evil.
After arriving in the town the Party went straight to the grave yard. Knott struck up a conversation with Alice Vincent, the daughter of the local priest. Alice reported that many of the older records of the church went missing a few years before. Many people believe that the custodian of those records, Millicent Vincent, went made and destroyed them.
The first record record that Knott found was for Millicent, who required special approval to be buried in the church yard (probable suicide). The approval came through very quickly.
Helen noticed that the main stained glass in the church is of Johan and the whale.
After investigating the grave yard the PC found that 6 women/girls died in 1697.
Alice reported that the birds are strange. She also reported having witnessed the “orgy”, Alice’s word, and that the only two people she recognised were the Old shepherd Mr Naismith and Mrs Murgatroyd.
Mrs Murgatroyd reported that it all began after she visited the place where the birds gather, a large flat stone in a clearing south of the old stables. She also reported that she had only been in the village for about a year, and that before that there had been a succession of teachers during the year preceding. Before that Millicent Vincent was the teacher.
They returned to the Inn and Mr Dunn was only a little surprised to learn of the orgying. He had been told of that there was some kind of religious ritual activity.
About 11:30pm that night Prof Lucas Wright noticed Alice Vincent leave the manse and head to the stables, dressed in her Sunday best. None of the town folk appeared and Alice was not present.
The Party searched for Alice, heading south from the Old Stable, towards where they were told the clearing with the stone. They found her standing on the stone with a razor, seemingly about kill herself. They interrupted her and she told them the creatures were making her “the creatures that follow the pattern” (the Older/Elder sign).
Prof Lucas Wright examined the stone and completely failed to identified it. It was marked with a map of the stars in positions that would identify it as being thousands of years old. It told the story of a journey of creatures through space that journeyed to Earth. Further he told the Party that the stone was both extremely strange and very large and probably penetrated deep into the ground. He suspected that tunnels led from the old quarry to an area under the stone.
They returned Alice to her home and spoke with her father. He reported that the reason why he was granted permission to buried his wife in the church grave yard was that the local dioceses had noticed the pattern involving women in Rydal. He also reported that the church records had been moved to the local diocese for investigation.
In the side of hill overlooking Rydal Water was a quarry to which the Party proceeded. There were tunnels leading into the hillside. The Party entered one that lead in the direction of the stone. Most of the tunnels were actually natural caves that only been worked a little.
The air smelt of rotting meat and moved like something was breathing. As they proceeded they found one of strange birds. Instead of feat it had miniature human hands, one deformed in exactly the same way as a in the village. They found more creatures, seemingly put together and more than a few with hands deformed like Abraham Kale.
Prof Lucas Wright noticed that the caves head down and down, never leveling out. Off the caves are occasional shafts that disappears down into darkness. It occurs to them that the seeming breathing might be caused by all the birds breathing together.
Andrea noticed the corps of a creature with a rib cage made of little fingers, deformed in exactly the same way as her daughter’s, Lucinda. Prof Lucas Wright saw something similar involving his wife’s ring finger.
It was soon after that they they all noticed that they all noticed that the breathing had stopped. They group had stopped in an area and were surrounded by the birds that were driving on them. Everyone ran.

Patrick Dwyer found his way out days later.
Prof Lucas Wright and Dr Andrea Parker found their way out within half an hour. The following day they both noticed the strange tick in their loved ones, Lucas’s wife and Andrea’s daughter.
Arthur Knott eventually found his way back to Rydal but he recognised no one, not the barman or the paster. However the year was 1953.

White Characters

The Party stood in Mr Dunning’s clock shop looking at the strange bird. Dunning explained about the bird but as he did the others noticed that he developed a strange lisp…

Arthur Nott 2 (Blue Character)
Part 2

We plan to travel to the Lakes district, over breakfast.

The anomalies appear to originate from Rydell. This joins with the journal knowledge obtained yesterday photo attached to last session.

Central England to Northern England. We drive to Rydell, encounter sheep and a shepherd

Whilst arguing with the shepherd I notice the tic that he has, it is like the one exhibited by my old friend Abraham, after we clear the sheep I stop and walk back to him and we talk and discover that in the last year he and the whole village seem to have been similarly affected, there is no new industry and n unusual bird activity. He comes from Rydell.

We roll in to town which is on the lake there is an inn a church and a Collection of houses.

The inn is closed till 6 so we are directed to Daisies place and she can do us a picnic lunch.

We wander round to the back and see a woman in a chair. She sorts a lunch for us for shilling and 6 each.

We question her about the local conditions and and birds. We lunch beside the lake.

There are birds there watching us as we watch the lake and them, we while away the afternoon.

We head back to the pub and are talking to the old man from before and the vicar . We notice he has a deformed hand right hand and drinking with the left.

I talk with the vicar he points out the local ravens and that some are odd as we watch two ravens square off. The more ravenny one is killed and ripped apart by the other. I admit to the Vicar we are investigating folk lore for a book we are researchers for.

The others gather info about gravestones, a barn that is the haunt of others and the vicars wife killed herself this town is not safe for women.

We head to the barn at 11:30, the stables overgrown and tree roots push apart slabs. The sky is a strange colour and the birds are visible wheeling above in a spiraling star shaped pattern. We can hide in the stables and do so.

We watch the courtyard, a man arrives leading a sheep. He is wearing a robe. With a cowl, others arrive 8 in total.

They form a circle around the sheep. They chant in latin. A language I understand

The chant is ‘the nicene creed’in latin. Using big sharp kitchen knives they slit its throat and the ochre light rises. The birds come and sit on the roof. They slice meat off the sheep, and eat it raw. There is no occult ritual like this I have heard of. Mix of church morris dancing and a meaningless jumble of symbology. They slice and swap then throw the meat in the air. They then get naked four men and four women. They commence copulating. The only one we recognise is the shepherd.

Andrea steps forward and interrupts them. They scream and flee in all directions naked leaving behind robes, knives and the dead sheep.

The sheep was a ram.

We wait, no one returns for an hour and a half we go back to the inn and sleep. Around 2:30 a phone rings I answer it is St Marys Abraham asked the nurse to ring here and ask for me he is dying and has a message for me, we drive through the night, then we get to the bethlehem about 7-8. we head to the ward, he has died, Nurse Wilkie advises us rather lack of tact, I head to his room t retrieve, his drawing and notebooks. I take up a book he had thereVariegated strata of tghe cretaceous era. Annotated and drawing added to the pictures and fossil record. Large scorpion next to stegosaurus,

Nurse wilkie appears I have her lead us down to the morgue. Someone ahs already cut his chest open. Dr jeremy Coulgh the pathologist has begun his work we talk to him.

Abraham deteriorated shortly after midnight and died at 4am.

(Ideas for the next session, have the pathologist look in his head.)

Session 5 - Les's Notes

Blue Characters


  • Rhain as Nurse Sally Williams

Before 1937, breakfast at Brichester University.
The group convened and agreed that if they wished to continue their investigations they would have to travel to Rydal in the Lakes District.
As they approached Rydal the car, driven by Arthur Nott, was forced to stop due to a large number of sheep on the road. Arthur questioned the shepherd, after noticing that the shepherd had a tick, one he had seen before… The shepherd reported that the tick had appeared in the last year and that a number of people in the village had developed the same tick.
Rydal is an inland village with an:

A gentleman outside the closed pub (it reopens at 6pm) directed the group to a house with a hawthorn hedge to speak to Daisy, who they are told will happily make them lunch. The group went down to the lake to eat and to wait for the pub to open.

Late in the afternoon the group wandered back up to the pub and met Father Vincent, vicar of Saint Paul’s Church.

As they sat and watched they observed the referenced behaviour of one of the birds that seemed to have followed them and were regardless ever present in Rydal tearing apart another of the birds. It was one of the stranger birds that tore apart one of the more normal looking ravens.

The barman at the Green Man Inn, Dunn, told the group to examine the gravestones in the local church yard and too look for the year 1697.

The cult was active was in 1598.

The shepherd, also in the bar, says that the birds appeared about the time that the tick started.

Andrea noticed Derrick Rawlings in the corner who reported that he had the tick 3 or 4 months. He told her that the vicar’s wife had committed suicide a couple of years ago and warned her to be careful and for Helen to be careful. Derrick spoke of loosing his razor, bone handled and monogrammed. Derrick also told Andrea to go old stables at midnight.

At 11:30pm the group gathered and headed down the to stables. As they walked they noticed that the sky had an ocher yellow glow. The illumination was enough for them to notice the birds that seemed to be forming a spiraling star shaped pattern in the sky. The group hid in the stables and waited…

As midnight approached they noticed a man arrived at the stable, leading a sheep. He was wearing cowlled robe, and more people arrived soon after, until 8 in total were their. They formed a circle around the sheep and began chanting Nicene Creed in Latin.

I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, and of all things visible and invisible. And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God, begotten of the Father before all worlds; God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God; begotten, not made, being of one substance with the Father, by whom all things were made. Who, for us men for our salvation, came down from heaven, and was incarnate by the Holy Spirit of the virgin Mary, and was made man; and was crucified also for us under Pontius Pilate; He suffered and was buried; and the third day He rose again, according to the Scriptures; and ascended into heaven, and sits on the right hand of the Father; and He shall come again, with glory, to judge the quick and the dead; whose kingdom shall have no end. And I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver of Life; who proceeds from the Father [and the Son]; who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorified; who spoke by the prophets. And I believe one holy catholic and apostolic Church. I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins; and I look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen.

As they watched the cultist flipped over the sheep and they slit the sheep’s throat. The ritual was very strange, it was a mixture of the creed, Ringa-Ringa-Rosey. They cut bits off the sheep and fed it to each other and to the birds. After some time the cultist stripped off their robes and began to have sex. The only person that the group recognised was the shepherd.

Andrea thinks that the cultist may have been asleep or at least unaware of their activities given that they fled naked and screaming when Andrea stood up from the hiding spot and said “I hate to interrupt but…”. The strange group of cultist left behind their robes and the normal kitchen knives they had brought with them.

The PC’s returned to their rooms at the pub. The women, who were sharing a room, secured the room as best they could.

About 2:30am, Arthur Knott received a call to tell him that Abraham Kale was dying. The Party immediately departed for Bedlam.
The Party examined Abraham’s and found a book, Variegated Strata of the Cretaceous Era, which Abraham had been annotating.
The Party proceeded to the morgue and found that someone had already began an autopsy on Mr Kale. A doctor, Jeremy Kulff introduced himself and explained that Mr Kale had began deteriorating just after midnight and died about 4am.

Arthur Nott the Curate/ (Blue Character)
The Birds Flashback

The Birds flashback.

Year doesnt matter. Before 1937…

Arthur Nott
Professor Wright
Nurse Williams

A child with a twisted little finger
A wife with a swollen ring finger that needs loosening.
A visit to Abraham Kale at St Mary’s Bethlehem
New site 1930s regular hospital however is not the classic bedlam.
Off the bus heading to modern nice looking bedlam.
Dr Bradfield we are advised is looking after his case.
We are offered tea.
I speak with the Dr. He advbises good physical health, has a nervous tick, is paranoid,
Trying Insulin Coma Therapy. Not quackery.
Lucid sometimes, if he starts wander mentally it can get frightening.

I head out to where Ms Williams has already gone to speak to him.
Hi sright hand is shattered and ruined from an event in the boer war. He writes in the times crossword with his left.

His words in the crossword are wrong, bugger bugger bugger and others appear. He has worried at his temple a sore, he drifts into nonsense
Complains he is being watched all the time
The nurse fixing the dressing tries to calm him.
He complains there is something in his head.
He is sedated and taken upstairs..
Crossed out old manilla folder repurposed timothy jenkins.
Filled with drawings of misshapen black birds, they surround and watch him.
His sketch book and pencils are under his pillow along with correspondence

Brichester U Pritaam Singh letters, Kale requesting information about unusual creatures, birds and has replied with folklore titles. He advises him to come to the old library to look these things up for more information.

The letters describe s

Omething in a pamphlet called otherworldly observers that said the creatures were aliens, Advanced gaurd sent to spy on us. End of Scene

We all come together at the old library.

Dr Andrea Parker

We are all searching for unusual birds and all have our reasons…

We are after a tome creatures of hypothesis and fact. Andrea Dissected one, almost constructed.Intelligent design gone wrong, mad. We didnt see the unusual birds however the Andrea has witnessed them watching her.
Her Student helen had found the bird.

We follow Andrea to the book. A slim volume concise. The book is read, there is a section on crows and ravens, legends.
Ravens of the tower. Ravens of Odin. Death of Ravens there is a raven funeral, 1815 diary entry, ravens tear each other apart, cults forming around flocks of birds, lakes district cultists sacrificed daughters to the ravens who eat the corpses.1590s.
Helen is ashen faced birds followed here there and here, hopping from roof top to roof top.she hands over a piece of paper to the Doc, She has a gun. Further observations on the himalayan expedition. Habits of ravens to be explored.

Warm and recently deceased ape deformed skull, moss in limb joints incorporation of anatomy recent death the creature aspects of other anatomies further investigtion,

More books are found by Helen

One a translation into early modern english,mediaevil bestiaries Cockatrice and Basilisk, constructed creatures.
Pritaam suggested ‘Odd creatures returning to earth at the great circle’

An old journal from the lakes district is found

Then someone from the professors uni attends with similar reports of anomalies

At Cambridge and Oxford.

We ritually bury the bird. I think they think I did it wrong but they are not actually upset, 10 points for effort given.

Session 4 - Les's Notes

Blue Characters

  • Les as Dr Andrea Parker
  • Even as Prof Lucas Wright
  • Andrew as Arthur Nott
  • Rhain as Nurse Sally Williams

Before 1937…
Andrea notices that her daughter’s pinky is slightly bent
Lucas’s wife’s ring finger is swollen
Sally and Arthur are at Bedlam Hospital visiting a Mr Abraham Kale. Sally hears Arthur asking about what room Mr Kale is in at the counter as she entered.
When they arrive Mr Kale is out on the lawn feeding the birds and working on a crossword. He is paranoid but otherwise well. He is cared for by a Dr Bradfield, who is treating Mr Kale with insulin coma therapy. Mr Kale’s right hand his deformed following his service during the Boar War.
Mr Kale has a tick that Sally thinks is new, where he turns his head and draws breath between his teeth… His answers to the crossword are mostly wrong, with a few foreign words thrown in for good measure. Mr Kale has also scratched his left temple to the point that it is bleeding.
After a time he become more and more agitated and claims that he is being watched. The words he has written have spilled out of the crossword and have formed a spiraling cross on the page. He complains of something being inside him as the nurses came and sedated him.
The nurse on duty tells Sally and Arthur that Mr Kale actually tried to cut the thing in his head out with a knife. Mr Kale had an X-Ray that revealed that there was nothing unusual in his head.
Mr Kale is a prolific artist (drawing) but his pencils are missing when they all returned to Mr Kale’s room. The nurse on duty comments that she often sees him drawing but never sees the finished product.
Arthur searches the room and finds a patient’s file, an old manila folder (it once held the details of a Timothy Jenkins). The folder is full of drawings of black birds, that over the course of the drawings seem to increase in number, close in and are watching him.
Under his pillow Arthur finds the sketch book and letters between Kale and Pritard Singh, the librarian Brichester University. Singh advised Kale that if he wanted more information on the mythic bird he would have to visit the old library at Brichester University.
Sally and Arthur know that it is believed that these birds are the advanced guard sent to watch humanity for aliens from another planet…
Lucas is at the Royal College of Science at University of London. Lucas is running an experiment dealing with radiation using a cloud chamber. As he checked unexpected tracks appeared in the cloud suggesting a source of radiation. If it was strong background radiation it would have been random, but the ones he witnessed were ordered and in pulses about a second apart. Lucas knows that this is extraordinary and he made the appropriate notes. The effect only lasted for a couple of minutes and then it stopped.
Ask Lucas wrote up his notes he was visited by Patrick Dwyer. Patrick is young and was limited in his responsibilities. Patrick advised Profm Wright that the cloud chamber is again recording the strange pulses, which seemed to occur to for a total of 8 minutes before it stopped.
The following day Patrick reports that the strange event happened twice more the previous day and while there was no activity overnight it began happening again around dawn.
After attending a meeting Prof Wright notes strange occurrences in Chemistry and Geology departments. There was general agreement that the events are strange enough to require the attention of the most learned, if a little unusual, Professor Bartholomew Thomson. Professor Wright finds him on the extravagant roof of a department store, drinking in lovely garden. Prof Thomson says that the Astronomy dept. has also report strange occurrences. He also so says that while it is extraordinary, the events are related to birds on the roof of the department store.
Over the following days Prof Wright confirms the theory that the appearance of the birds is indeed related to the appearance of the strange readings being noted by the various departments.
The biology department directed Prof Wright to the old library at Brichester University for more information on the birds.
Dr Andrea Parker was in the Temple Building, specifically it’s dissection room. The building is even more Gothic in nature on the inside than the outside. Lining the walls are jars of pickled creatures.
One of her favour students, Helen Howe, brought an unusual looking bird to Andrea and suggested that they dissect it. Alone in the theatre they dissect the bird. The creature is extremely unusual, and was of no known species, it appears to have been “assembled” of disparate parts, the eye of a dog, hands for wings, organs in the wrong place and some missing all together. As Andrea pushed the scalpel into the brain cavity a black viscus, strong smelling liquid emerged. Helen found lungs of a young dog and the connective tissue was all wrong, in fact it was more similar to fungal matter…
Helen and Andrea left the theatre an noticed immediately that they were being watched by dozens of the same type of bird that they just dissected. They proceeded to the the biology library where they found an index card that for “Creatures of Hypothesis and Fact” which contained references to hybrid creatures containing fungal matter. The card directs Helen and Andrea to the Old Library at Brichester University…
The players meet in Old Library, all seeming interested in the book. They introduce themselves and Andrea finds the book she is looking for and leads them to the racks to find the book. Andrea sent Helen to see Pritard Singh, the Head Librarian, to ask if there are any other volumes that they might be interested in and sends the letters from Mr Kale with her.
The group read the book finding it to be mostly concerned with myths, including those involving ravens. There are cults around ravens with daughters being sacrificed to the birds which ate them. It also says that ravens sometimes tear each other apart.
Helen returns and told the group that she was followed by the birds. Arthur notices that Helen has a pistol under her coat.
Helen returned with: De Naturus Rerum, De Proprietatibus Rarum (an original and an English translation). Arthur identifies them as medieval bestiaries including descriptions of the cockatrice and basilisk. A further book describes odd creatures returning to Earth at a regular cycle: “They travel to the pulse of the wheel and music that turns at the heart of space as they leave and return as they leave and return to the beat of the wheel as it turns as they travel.”
On the second day the group buried the bird dissected by Helen and Andrea. Arthur attempts to oversee the burial with a ritual. All the time they were watched by the birds. At the end of the ritual Arthur got the feeling that the birds thought he had done it wrong…
Sally found on the 3rd day in the library, a badly written journal, :“The Minutes of the Penrith Convercation”. A journal from northern England of scientists and those interested in science, with references to the appearances of strange birds near Rydal.
Patrick brought to Prof Wright a set of papers which describe a map following similar reports from Cambridge and Oxford. The map triangulates on a town in the lakes district, Rydal.

Doreen 3 (White Character)
Back at the Friday meeting

We listen to the former headmistress as her story comes forth. Of how she is persuaded to evacuate the school and the island, fleeing the pestilence. Her story was vivid and terrible.

The following week. At the Friday club. 6pm.

We approach Jacobs Books.
Its a Cold night. I arrive to find Patrick, and some of the others already present, Patrick looks tired done in. I suggest some drops of iodine in water.

A strange fellow enters, michael dunning he seems to have joined our group.

It is the 12th of November, He insists he was with us at the last meeting, and at the Hospital when we spoke to the Headmistress.

The meeting starts we remain unconvinced however his tale
is convincing.

November the 12th, thats the date.

Something alters our perception. November the 12th 1937 is the date.

We visit Dunnings shop as a grop. He really wants to get to kinow the issue.

Captain Jack 4 (Red Character)
On St Margarets

The cavern beneath the theatre.

There is no way into the caves from here. The Machine sits, silent waiting loathing sitting malevolently. I shudder at the dark eye that was present, the gateway to the spaces between the stars.

We discuss how to get to the caves. We are going to explore the cliffs and look for a path down. We consider asking the children. We decide its a bad idea but we do so anyway…

We force our way into the air and breath deeply of the now clear and fresh air.

The children direct us to the cliff edge and a staircase they cannot use.

We find a way down and descend carefully.

’Use stairs with care"

A haze gathers about us. The rock seems soft and strange. Our mason points out a cave unlike the others, not the action of the sea. Perhaps that of a descending meteor, a hot knife through butter.

It is not covered by the high water mark, we head to it. We venture forth into the darkened entry., the haze

WE look about the haze thickens, it is difficult to describe, it is almost as if it is within, a constant presence. Moss is in the cave ( red weed ????)

The surfaces of the tunnel seem to be decaying.

Let us push forth. A sense of unease comes about, we walk forward, without the touch of our hand upon stone we would lose our way.

The moss is dry and crumbly. Classics torch picks out a burnt match stick. Coins are buried in the drift of sand. Coins from 1926, 1880s, 1930.

We walk forward and find a campsite, blankets remnants of a fire, a shotgun, ropes, hook.

Our dandy finds a family signet ring. He can tell its his own brothers. Individualised to him.

A small cave a humanish shape I find a body of a woman probably not my beloved. Classics touches the face seemingly familiar with the form, his lightest touch destroys her face and her glasses fall into his hands. This is terrible and disturbing however does not drive me away.

The rev comes and sees the body, he speaks a prayer, the body is fragile and dust and crumbles completely away at the touch. Only the metal remains. Flesh and clothing crumbles at the touch.

A weak fire is lit, it casts a weak light and weaker heat.
Classics collects the remains in a blanket as best he can and leaves it in the main cave.

We push deeper in taking blankets with us.

I lead off followed by classics. The Rev says a shimmer of metal and cries out. A crucifix, a body molded into the wall.

The body moves and blinks and rasps forth a soft cry ’ help me, help me’

Classics grabs its arm, it crumbles and we lose our shit (-5 stability) We stagger forward into the vast strange old cavern it fills us with horror and despair. The mist fills us and despair fills us.

Our country awaits only doom, this is too powerful it will destroy our green and pleasant land sucked beneath the waves. I scream in rage and frustration and draw my pistol and fire unable to accept this my sense of duty holding me to this spot, to fight whilst I have the option. I throw my now emptied pistol into the thing and then flee the chamber sobbing.

I know now my fiancee is gone, lost to this horror, There is nothing here left for me now. I flee the island at the first chance. Whether that be the ferry or bribing a fisherman. I flee this horror and the haze, we evacuate the school, and the island follows. It is quarantined, an anthrax outbreak.

Session 3 - Les's Notes

The session began where the last session left off, with the PC’s in the theatre, some in the room below and some at the top of the stairs leading down. The machine, briefly activated, had been turn off.
Bart, like the others, had a kind of day dream. For him though he was attracted to the idea of battling and defeating these creatures from other planets. Isaac wants more knowledge while Gerald wants to rescue the Party’s lost friends.
The Party left the theatre and headed to the west island to investigate.
As the Party heads down the stone stairs to the bay below, Isaac speaks of an Indian legend of a spirit creature that seeps into the ground and sucks the life from the land and people. There are a series of caves, one of which that looks to Mark to be more likely than others to have been the place where a meteor would have crashed to earth.
The cave makes sight difficult, vision is obscured by something… The cave also has the look that it is decaying…
As they went deeper vision became more difficult. Isaac finds a burnt match stick and a sixpence from 1926. Eventually the cave opens up into what might have been a camp site, with blankets against the wall, a camp fire, a shotgun, grappling hook and ropes. Bart found his brother’s signet ring.
Capt Rolston felt drawn to the small cave and found a human-ish shape slumped against the wall. It looks like the corpse of someone left for weeks or months. It was the body of a woman, Isaac believes it to be Mary Wolsey. As he tried to bush the dust from the face it crumbled away.
The PC’s proceeded into the caves where the Reverend Bosworth found a cruifix, around the neck of what appeared to be a body, however it moved when the Reverend approached. As Isaac tried to help by taking Thomas’ (the body belonging to Reverend Thomas Pulley) the arm shattered! (taking with it the stability of many of the PC’s).
Drawn forward, the PC entered into a large cave where they were confronted by a large thing that drained the will to live from all the PC’s.
Isaac, Bart and Mark ran from the room, while Spider Webb blew his brains out. Capt Rolston shot futilely at the thing before also running. The Reverend also ran.
The surviving PC’s fled the island.

The White PC’s

The Party is standing next to the bed of Ms Davies who has just related the story above (the Red PC’s).

A week later, Friday 12th November 1937

Patrick, the shop owner, dismissed his assistant Agnes as Renee arrived and ushered down the stairs. Luke, Anthony, Doreen, Brian and Paul arrive shortly following. A new man joined them, Michael Dunning. Mister Dunning claims to have been present the week before and on the journey to Ms Davis, but none Mr Dunning and Patrick remember him been there.
Patrick and Michael seem convinced that:
there have been several meetings
the first meeting took place on November the 12th, 1937
(that they all occured on November the 12th).
Following much confusion regarding the date, the Party entrained for Sheppards Bush, where Mr Dunning’s clock shop (Dunning’s Quality Clocks) is, so that he can show the PC’s the creature that is roosting with his pigeons.
The shop was dead quiet with the various clocks stopped on various times.
The strange bird is present, with human hands and one eye like a cat’s. As the Party looked at the bird, it started sing. The song sounds like whispering human voice.

Capt Jack 3
On St Margarets

24 May 2016

Evening we are looking for the theatre. However we are currently at the infirmary.

Seekers of the truth have vanished about the 14th of July, spent time together in the old theatre.

Current Plan: Find out where theatre is and go check it out Saturday in our free time.
In between we will go visit Sarah and see if she has items from my beloved.

We retire to our rooms to sleep.

I wake. Something is in this room. In the darkness almost a light a shimmering haze a presence.

I am filled with horror (lost 4 stability as I rolled a 2) With the dawn I rise and and tend the horses seeking refuge in the familiar routine, the normal, the horses are skittish and difficult, I am exhausted and distressed and have a haunted and hunted look.

We are told of the Aurora that the Reverend saw Wed Morning.

It when described does not sit right to my mind.

The others ask about the Theatre they seek.

The interrogates children in his spare time.arts master

The theatre has sets and could be a fairy tale a Panto.

It was sealed long ago, is moldy and mildewed the poor tortured child admits at last after hours of torment trying to paint a bowl of fruit.

The ‘Handyman’ investigates the exterior and plans his routes of ingress.

I wait till lunch to discuss with the reverend evil presences and exorcism, casting out evil presences.

Talk to the Reverend I have unsettled him and myself yet more.

Talking to the Head mistress, Miss Lindsay was the teacher who drove the shows , the theatre was closed before the head mistress joined the school as a teacher.

The Classics Master was searching the attic.

After dinner I joined Aldthorpe and Classics and Rev for the pub run.

We go to the grey Sailor. I talk with Sarah who gives me a parcel wrapped in tissue paper. I drink several strong drinks whilst I decide if I am to open it.

During the argument the last before she left, I was enraged at what the war had done to me and I threw away my war service medals. She must have found them and put them in this and left them for me.

Click Saturday.

We enter the theatre via side door. One with a window above it. We enter the dreaaing rooms. Benches cupboards make up stands mirrors etc

Door that goes into theatre the n one into the rear of the theatre, we go through the smaller door, and find a staircase below/behind it heading down.

We investigate the auditorium. We wind up going down the stairs. Down the stairs is a cavern not natural like a cellar. Against the walls a re desks with papers tools and books. In the centre o f the room is a large machine, a 15 ft arm attached to a pivot, and a flywheel and cables attached to a generator. It has cables and is unfamiliar in aspect and usager. .

We find books, many from the library. We find a clue to thatwhichwe do,

We find a tome scribbled in and it is bout creatus r

Find books and letters written to a physicist in Austria

Read about the arm device. It appears to claim to be a way of manufacturing a gate between worlds with a miniature black sun.

The book Die Jungerfeldt ‘the young world’

Textbook of creation stories and of fallen creatures that remain buried till today.

The generator is started and the arm begins to spin. The darkness forms at its centre I cry a gate way a gate way’ Rev turs it down i stagger to the gen and throw the lever again.
Sense trouble suggests this is a bad idea.
Forcing of the lever.
I stop the forcing of the lever. It slows and we read the books and find the note,
They fell to the earth when the world was young
Astro desk, plots of trajectories showing the meteors from the sky with the assumption it is not a meteor it is an alien or a god. 12 may 1914.
A meteor fell into st margarets bay, date of tues 14 July.
The machine has symbols inscribed for a summoning ritual.
The glyphs include a contain or banish.
More of the myths – horrific and extra details added of a vampire floating between the stars sucking the life out of the victims a gas that drains the life an idiot god at the centre
of the universe.
The monsters described are an invasion, i feel younger and more capable. I can stop them. It is my duty for king and Country.

St Margarets Day 2
St Margarets

Capt Jack 2 1934

17 May 2016

The High Tea.
Seating per CR.
Aldthorpe, Bart, Jack, Rev Bos and Isaac Frost is at the table.
The others are in the kitchen.
Students are below the high table, the others are taking the trollies around and providing the girls there dinners. 100 Students.

Most other teachers have left/high staff turnover. Headmistress in place for 20-30 years.

Bland Cod in milk accompanied by excellent wine.

My Fiancée (the riding instructress) vanished the same night as many of the other staff. This is troubling. White sweet blanc mange is served for dessert

Planning to go down to the village , however will cover at the sanatorium tonight.

There is a pub in the village, Will ask of the fisherman if anyone has taken anyone to the shore recently.

For now I will check the girls, make sure they are right and read through the records, what there is, of the medical events of the school.

They left mid july, it is now september, three little girls that are hurt all had falls. There are medical records however they all seem muddled to me. Perhaps one of the academics could make sense of them or someone medically trained.

The missing teachers were well liked by the students according to the girls.

Notice two large jugs. Read the girls story books. White liquid milky looking but no milk smell, the other is brown thick fluid. Thick viscose fluids. White might be milk of magnesia. The brown one is turnips smelling .

Sleep on a cot in the Sanatorium.

Rebecca Mackey the nurse.

Osteoporosis is rife among the girls despite supplements and diet that should prevent it.

Take classes during the day there is about 6 girls who are ok, and know what they are doing and don’t fall off.
Falling off would be bad with brittle bones. I get them to brush the horses and muck the stables.

After the dinner I head to the pub with the Pastor and the Dandy. I ask the fishermen if they took anyone off the island and they deny it. I ply them with alcohol. Apparently Ginnie Jameson my Fiancee was down here regularly and drank heartily.

We headed back to the school…

We met up with Artist Mark at the Sanatorium. We shared information.


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