The Final Revelation

Doreen (White) Session 5
The FINAL Revelation

The truth comes to us. The world ended on Nov 12th 1937. The time and space we perceive now is a lie. We have read the books and have come to this horrible realisation. Our stability has vanished and we are left gibbering in corners. Each there and yet alone.

We read among the papers we find no clue as to what may have occurred. .We realise that the strange events we experienced before we met as a group were our warnings to ourselves, garbled and corrupted…..

Sister Bertha (Orange 3)
3rd Session

We prepare to head to Horsefall Woods in the morning.

We are studying the item. It is fascinating. The group is going to the woods. Yes yes the woods, lovely dark and deep.

I make a full english breakfast. Those who wish eat heartily. Police girl seems very…negative about the trip to the woods. I feel confident that we will learn more . We should take the device with us.

We convince Mr Minit to carry the box, with the device.

Mr Tulving, wont come to the woods, as he has seen enough, he has seen it all. We will leave him behind. We make him comfortable as best we can. I organise some drink and food, hard bread, cheese ham and chicken for our walk in the woods.

The others find a lantern, blankets. We head to the woods following in the direction Ella the police girl felt the body was taken.

W undertake a 3 mile walk in the woods. The weather is lovely. We penetrate deeper, the trees denser, canopy thicker. There is bird song. . We see a small child staring through the trees. I offer the boy a sweetie he runs and is dressed in rags. He could be a woodland child, Fairy Folk.

Disquieted we move on in the directiion we were heading checked by the bearing from a watch.

We shortly emerge in to a clearing. The boy is in the clearing along with a wiry elderly man dressed simply.

I give the child a boiled lolly. Tom and Grappa the adult.

His accent is middle eastern, greek, turkish, gyppo.

We question if they saw a body or someone moving one in the forest.

He becomes visibly nervous.

‘Tom says, Mother protects us’

He tells us they took Mrs Baddely from the Hotel as a sacrifice.

He explainss that this is the grove of Shub Niggurath.The Police woman speaks of Daeloth. That Daeloth is the gresater.

I find the ground is sticky moist and warm milk odoriferous.

Eugh. This cant be good.

The trees are thicker and there is a shrine like space.

It is like an Altar.

The others discuss things and what is going on.

The box is opened at the shrine….

(I rolled a 1! Aaaagh )

With clarity I see this is an abomination unto ‘God’ (which god???? I am not sure which god I speak of) Shub niggurath needs to be dealt with. With absolute truth. A niggling feeling makes me wonder what makes me feel this way.

What is dynamite. Destructive very destructive.
Bowles, (lol I do bowling) is manipulating the object a rod points we follow the rod.

The paths through the forest begin to descend, it is getting darker and the lantern shines. We have descended below ground. Roots and dirt above us. Moss and unidentifiable vegetation.

All of us begin to see with horror what is down here.Rivulets of smelly clear liquid? Bile….oh my we are in a stomach ( nyah nyah I made my roll)

Before us yawns a sheer drop.

A vertical shaft down which the bile flows.

We descend one by one on a difficult descent. The doctor dolores is not going to descend.The ground is spongy and slippery and the walls coated in bile.

We continue on, we hear an animal cry a wimpering however it is perhaps a human. We see a woman, an elderly woman lying on the floor. Mrs Baddely is impaled on a root. A doctor would need to amputate. We try to get the doctor to come down and relieve her of her burden.

She refuses.

We pray the last rites for her and ease her passing we penetrate to the centre. The device
Ctivates and advises it can stop
The Shub niggurath but one must stay behind.

This abomination must be destroyed. I will stay. Rev Bowles (oh I play that bowls haha) joins me in the last rites as the device holds time at bay while I do this. The other flee. I join the device and await my fate as I sacrifice myself to it…

I cut out my eyes to see the truth…

Sister Bertha (Orange 2)
Session 2

Gaslamps are doused papers are filed away at reception the bell gives no response.
Police girl checks the guest book at the reception. Last person to arrive was Jacob then everybody else left the next day.

We head up to the one occupied room. One door open on that top floor. We check the number on the door it matches the key.

In the room is a man sitting at a desk facing the sea with a tea cup beside him

I step in and go to the grimy window and clean it and notice the man he has no eyes…it turns out he has cut them out with a penknife and discarded them on the floor so he can see clearly.
Which he apparently now can, the books in the library below told him to do it.

We see at the door an Italian well dressed man. The police officer seems to have a recognition of this person. Mr Minute…

Bowles (laugh, I play Bowls haha) opens the box to show mr minit. He is fascinated by the device in the box and that it is bigger than the box.

Jacob takes us to the library. It has an atmosphere or oppression and tension, and it is old with faded wallpaper cracking leather and the air is thick and cloying. Books many many books on shelves and tables.

Light entertainment, novels, and strange ones abound.

He asks us to just reach out our hands and pick up that which most interests us. We all do this.

One by one we peruse our found texts

‘The Watchers in the Sky’
An account of events experienced by the earlier characters in this series.
Mae Smith wrote this. Printed by a vanity publisher.

Jacob is nervous

Bowles opens the box again in the library. He experiences something…

He drops and claws at the floor. Police girl approaches and gets a poker thrown at her that hits.

He then leaps for the window after breaking free from the police girl. I leap at him and stop him from going through the window.

The box is closed, the tulving thing moves towards the take off the cover as he considers it is dae leth??? Render of veils.

The police officer is stealing the box I want the box I want the truths it will reveal I tackle the police girl, and stop her running with it. The box is thrust away from her I dive for it and snatch it up. The box is mine. Mine!! Muhahaha Mine!!!

I pick my self up with the box and turn to Jacob I give him the view of the box. I ask him to tell us what he sees, he gestures and a book falls. Bowles retrieves the book to show us all.

It tells the story of the dying at saint margarets…

(Police Girl has vanished by the way)

The 12th of november

The children who become worms.

They are all horrible terrible stories. Fascinating intriguing stories.

Police girl tries to terll us Dolores is missing and she circled the hotel several times further proof that us women should not drive or be police and should all be nuns wedded to Christ.

Jacob speaks of the goat. I speak of the uses and habits of goat this
Does not put peoples minds at ease.

I take Jacob to his room and I sit with him. I sleep on his bed and he sits upon his chair.

A rustling noise is heard in the darkness…

Theres something crawling over me. Metallic feathers It is rods and spheres, I follow it to the reverends room where he is manipulating the object.

I join him studying the Mythos object

(I now have 3 points Mythos)

Sister Bertha (Orange)
Session 1

November 1935 Cold day. To be expected.
Amiable, Pushy, Assertive, Gossipy.

Golders Green Ramano, Witts and Goldberg

Reverend Bowles is there who why I play Bowls how amusing that joke was and I remind him of that.
I head into the store at the lead of the pack of antiquers
Crowded with Curios and odds and end King Lear in the nude.

A room with a table with a box on it.

I step through the curtain and head over to the table continuing to sing out my haloos.
The box has a note, Paid, Tulving, To Collect.

I call out who its addressed too.

I pick up the box…
Ornate, Carved wooden box, 1 foot high.

The carvings are gothic looking NeoGothic Victorian maybe.

I accidentally open the box

A bizarre sculpture of rods and hemispheres, metallic and moving seeming, rods are straight yet curved

MC Escherish sort of objects Sort of alive.

Ver. y Abstract art and its bigger than the box…

The Female policeman checks out the object and the box and puts it in the box again

The sculpture contains all the secrets of the Universe and more. I know it I feel it.

The owner of the store arrives, he bought it from a gentleman in Saud Africa, who says he got it from Australia.
The owner says he was going to check with the royal museum .

We agree to go to the Museum, before we head to Keswick in the lakes district.

At the Museum.

References to the box is found, it has been well travelled, and is at least 7 to 800 years old or more. Of its contents nothing is said. The carvings are an overlay on original carving. I take some rubbings that seem to be different each time I look at it.

In the list of books at the back the most recent name is Jacob Tulving, Carlysle Square Kensington.

We go to visit the terrace. We cant really take a train till the morning. He leaft about 2 weeks before.
We meet at Paddington for the 9am train, which will take us till 7pm t get there. 10 hour train trip, with changes at multiple stations.
I ring ahead and book a room at the Hotel at Keswick. Blackstone Inn.

In the food car there is a party and a asuckling pig that isnt a pig, I dont eat it we take the bus penrith to keswick when we get there. The land about is like folds of white flesh covered in snow/sleet

Turns out Mr Tulving has fled to Raven Glass. We can take a 8am bus. We turn in straight away, after I check the guest book notes, and find Mr Tulving said enjoyed the stay and moves on to greater things.

We move on in the morning to the Hotel Raven Glass, We arrive and it seems deserted.

Doreen (White)
Session 3

Missed the last meeting. Sister Annie turns up and says Frank Terry, is alcoholic and may turn violent however she is married to Callum McTavish.
She has left the brute who once had courted me and needs a place to stay.
Courted? I never courted any such foul brute, I am and was and always will be married to my work,

I ask her in and offer her a place to stay.

(the others have all suffered major life alterations.

The 4th Friday club meeting

The turn to the store takes us into St Martins lane, Cecil court has moved, to right angles of St Martins. This is not what we expect, November the 12th continues to be.

We walk into the court, it is different the buildings are run down, there’s no traffic noise, no pedestrians cars horses or anything,

We enter the shop, down to the cellar, where we as a group find all of our dessicated corpses.

My Character is clutching a book.

The rending box by a vanity publisher and doreen mills is the author…

I open it no dedication and came out first november 1937…

I turn to the first page of the story….

Session 10 - Les's Notes

Orange Characters

A Cold day in November, 1935, the Thorndyke Hotel, Ravenglass, the Lake District.

  • Les as Theo Warren
  • Evan as Reverend John Bowles
  • Andrew as Sister Bertha
  • Mark as Ella McDough
  • Rhain as Leon Minute


  • Graham as Doctor Dolores Muir

The group found Jakob Tulving, the lone occupant of the Thorndyke Hotel, in his room. He had removed his eyes, cut them out, but claimed to be able to see clearly. Ella held up 4 fingers and Jakob recognised he was doing so. As the group discussed why they were there they were joined by Leon Minute, who was also sent a postcard.
The box was given to Jakob and he opened it.
At some stage in its past the hotel’s library would have been very pleasant, but by the time the group visit it, it is very run down. While there are the run of the mill books there are also more esoteric titles. Members of the group reach out to take various titles and read them. The one taken by the Reverend is the story of the replacement teachers.
Strangely the box has also relocated to the library and Jakob is agitated by it. The Reverend opened the box and began to behave very strangely. Ella struggled to close the box but eventually succeeded as the Reverend returned to his senses.
Jakob eventually told the group what he sees when he looks at the box, that it explains everything, the true nature of the universe.
The group read other books from the library and managed to piece together a semi-complete picture of what the other characters have experienced. In the carpark, Ella who had fled the building and tried to drive away but had to return, found indications that a human sized body had been dragged through the carpark.

Session 9 - Les's Notes

White Characters

It is again the 12th of November, 1937

Missing – Catherine Holburn

A week passes as the date remains the 12th of November, 1937. Things had gone very wrong.
Paul’s lover confronted him about his infidelities and had smashed many of his works. Paul had no memory of marrying Agatha but decided that discretion was the better part of valour and threw himself on her mercy, swearing never to misbehave again.
Anthony St John returned to his bookshop to find that its name had been changed, along with the locks, to Pettigrew’s Books. The entire bookshop had been reorganised. It seems that Mr St John had gone bankrupt several weeks prior.
Brian Lucas was met by his sergeant and was surprised to learn that he had been dismissed for being mad. He, of course, had no memory of that event.
Luke Ogalthorp went to bed in his home but woke up in a police cell. He was warned to leave Ms Simpson alone, Ms Wallace Simpson.
The following week the Friday club reassembled. However all the members of the Friday Club note that the streets have changed, The streets are completely quiet and still unusually dirty. The group approached Jacob’s Books, but the door was hanging off it’s hinges. Down in the cellar the chairs are arranged for a meeting, but they are covered in dust and cobwebs. Each also seats a desiccated corpse wearing the clothes of the group. The bodies were indeed the bodies of the group.
Paul discussed the idea that the group had all died on November the 12th. Doreen recovered from her hands a book, apparently written by her, called the Rending Box.

Orange Characters

A Cold day in November, 1935, Saint Andrew’s Parade, Golders Green

  • Les as Theo Warren
  • Evan as Reverend John Bowles
  • Andrew as Sister Bertha
  • Mark as Ella McDough
  • Graham as Doctor Dolores Muir


  • Rhain as

Ella watched a strange group of people, the other players, arrive at a shop. She approached as they entered.
After a brief discussion it seems that 3 of the group, Theo, John and Dolores, were sent to a postcard with a request that a box be collected from an antiques shop in Golders Green.
Sister Bertha picked up the box and deliberately allowed the box to fall open. Inside the box was a bizarre sculpture of rods and hemispheres, about 18 inches tall. Everything about the object seemed wrong, almost like it was breathing. The problem was that the box that contained it was only 12 inches long.
The shop owner, David Rabinowitz, told the group that it came to him from Australia, via South Africa. Mr Rabinowitz suggests that the group could find out more information from the British Museum. There the group managed to track down references to the box, which seems to have traveled widely and is apparently over 800 years old, possibly much, much older. The cravings on the box may have been carved over older carvings.
Sister Bertha found that the most recent person to check the notes on the box in the British Museum was Jakob Tulving, the man that had sent Theo, John and Dolores to collect the box.
The group went to Tulving’s house in Kensington, the address that was listed on the card in the British Museum.
The following morning the group gathered at Paddington Station to begin the 10 hour train trip to Keswick. The group called ahead to book rooms at the Blackstone Inn in Keswick.
The dining car of the train was booked for a private party for the youngest daughter of the Earl of Merineth but she invited the group in. Everyone except Sister Bertha watched a suckling pig being carved, but she saw a green and pink blob. Theo, John and Dolores ate the pork.
The train pulled into Penrith and the group court the bus to Keswick. When they arrived at the Inn the night manager informed them that Jacob had moved on to Ravenglass. The following day the group went on to the Thorndyke Hotel in Ravenglass.

Session 8 - Les's Notes

Green Characters

  • Graham as Michael Laws
  • Mark as Helen Long
  • Evan as Lord Hilary Exeter
  • Rhain as Mr Tom Jones
  • Les as Rosa Parker


  • Andrew as

1935, Manesty, UK.
The group left the school house for the Manesty Inn, the Leightwood Inn. Michael recognised his brother Geoffrey sitting at the bar. Geoffrey reported feeling strange, not alive. Michael checked and found that Geoffrey had no pulse.
The group, including Geoffrey, returned to Keswick and the key to Mare Wareing, before proceeding to the hospital and the library.
At the hospital Michael examined Geoffrey and found him to have no pulse, no blood pressure and a body temperature about 4 degrees below where it should have been. The head doctor, Henry Rockdale, also examined Geoffrey and confirmed Michael’s findings. He recalled another similar case in 1816 involving a Betty Wareing from Manesty. The file that contained the case history of Betty referenced the destruction of Manesty.
Hilary found records in the library that Manesty was destroyed in the summer of 1816 (Low Manesty) by a very localised earthquake. He continued his research and found that it was also destroyed in 1697 (Lower Manesty). All throughout its history the Wareing family is occasionally mentioned. An old letter, dated to 1854, in the library speaks of blasphemous creatures reported by locals to be in existence in Manesty. The various destructions left ruins of the previous versions of the village.
The group investigated the Low Manesty ruins and found a scratched carving of a humanoid figure with tentacles for arms and legs, which was very similar to the drawing found in the school house.
Back at the Manesty inn the barmaid insisted on listening to a radio that played only static but during the evening both Hilary and Rosa seem to hear a voice in it.
During the night the group was woken by a strange music seemingly calling them to the old school house. As they approached the school house the saw 2 humanoid figures dancing around a figure on the ground with a radio off to the side. When Hilary shown the torch at the dancing shapes they were revealed to be Lisa and Bethany Wareing, one holding a carving knife, and they were dancing around a dead pig, the girls dresses were black with congealed blood.
When Helen called out to them they reacted and were distressed and told the group that the pig was supposed to wake and they were surprised that it hadn’t.
They returned the girls to their house and Mary gave them a map, apparently left by Jack Wareing, making a place called Maiden House on the moor above Manesty.
The following morning the group went up to Maiden Moor to find Maiden House. When found it had looked abandoned with shuttered windows. The whole ground floor was one large room with papers scattered everywhere. There was a portable gas cooker, a radio and stairs leading upwards and the smell of bile hung in the air.
Rosa began picking up the papers and collecting them. Michael identified one of the diagrams on one of the papers as a circuit diagram for electronic wiring. Suddenly the radio came to life and the static on the radio was replaced with the voice of Jack Wareing talking to his children, the group. Hilary engaged the voice in conversation and asked for an explanation. Jack told them that they had been sent away and that he hoped that they would not be called back. Hilary found a page the spoke of a cycle of 119 years, at the end of which massive creatures would emerge from the ground and destroy everything around.
Jack further explained that the Wareing family are not human and that Geoffrey must be cut free from his body to become what he must. He told them that they must take Geoffrey to Castlerigg Stone Circle and sacrifice him into the earth.
Rosa asked her father what sacrificing Geoffrey will achieve and was told that it will stop him from dying. When asked if it would stop the creatures from emerging from the ground Jack told Rosa that the family is the creatures.
Helen went with Michael into town and warned the villages and collected Geoffrey
When they gathered at the Castlerigg circle they performed the ritual and buried Geoffrey. Over the course of the year following each of the characters were similarly sacrificed, with Tom, the youngest, sacrificed by Lisa and Bethany…

Session 7 - Les's Notes

White Characters

It is again the 12th of November, 1937

Missing – Catherine Holburn

Even as the PC approached the shop for the regular Friday night group, they each noticed that things are quiet right. People are strange, different, sick.

Anthony St John arrived first and was greeted Tristan Cavendish, who introduced himself as the manager of the Jaocb’s Books. Ms Renee Merritt arrived next and inquired as to the whereabouts of Patrick and was informed that Tristan had been managing the bookshop for over 20 years. Brian Lucas arrived next and was followed by Paul Turner. Paul mentioned Patrick Howells and caused Tristan to start and pinch himself, the name rang a bell. Luke Ogalthorp arrived last. The group briefly discussed the differences in the streets, how dirty they are, how strange the people are.

They discussed the missing Patrick Howells and included the shop assistant Bertrice. The group repaired to Tristan’s home to continue the discussion and see his autobiography, something he has no memory of writing.
There are many notes taken by Mr Cavendish and the group attempted to organise them. He had highlighted words in various newspapers which form the sentence:
“They are already manifest and world is theirs, we are lost”.
Tristan produced a trunk with his more important notes. He reported that everything started to come together in the last few days. As Anthony St John reached into the trunk…

Green Characters

  • Graham as Michael Laws
  • Mark as Helen Long
  • Evan as Lord Hilary Exeter
  • Rhain as Mr Tom Jones
  • Les as Rosa Parker


  • Andrew as

1935, Keswick, Cumbria, UK.
The group arrived in early evening and they all found themselves at the Blackstone Hotel. Rosa, in the bar, noticed a photo on the wall of a family, with house in the background that looked vaguely familiar. The barman handed her the photo and the only obvious identifying mark is the name of photography studio, Manesty Photographs. Michael Laws also noticed himself in the photo after recognising herself, Helen. Rosa feels that Helen and Michael are in someway familiar. Rosa thinks that the man in the photo might have been her headmaster.

Rosa opened the frame and revealed the names of those in the photo:
The Wareing Family
Victoria, Geoffery, Jack
Helen, Michael, Rosa
Hilary, Thomas.

That night Tom “Jonesay” Jones and Hilary have the same dream. They were dancing around a stone circle, their bodies moving instinctively. They witnessed a human sacrifice.
Helen dreamt of walking a ridge in the hills at night. In the distance see could see a lake, she was tired but she pressed on until she saw a stone circle and there were duties to be performed…
Rosa dreamt of lying down, there was a familiar comfortable smell of soil around her. Even as dreamt of sinking deeper and deeper into the soil, it pouring into her mouth, she was calm and felt safe.
Michael dreamt of also being at the ritual, sacrificing his brother.
The following morning the group gathered for breakfast and went to Manesty. The photography store appeared boarded up. Helen inquired at the General Store and learnt that the Manesty Photography was closed in 1922 following a scandal involving the taking of photos of ladies…
The photography store was pretty much empty, and the group proceeded to the police station. They learnt that the shop had been operated by someone called “Manalow” or something similar. However the police directed the group to the Wareing house.
As they approached the house Rosa especially had a feeling of deja vu. Rosa was sure she would recognise the wallpaper and indeed when the door was opened she did.
They were invited in by Mary Wareing. The group explained their interest in the Wareing family.
Mary explained that: Jack Wareing was her husband and that Victoria was his first wife, Victoria killed herself and that Jack left Mary about 6 years before, following a series of bad dreams…
Mary said that Jack was frightened of this own reflection, that he saw a monster when he looked in the mirror. Jack was the headmaster of the local school but it closed after he left.
Mary confirmed the existence of Castlerigg Stone Circle just east of Keswick.
The group first investigated the Manesty school after being given the key by Mary. The members of the group felt again that sense of familiarity.
Helen checked the records and all the group, except for Thomas, appeared to having been students up until 1905. This was strange because they all would have been older in the photo. Helen also found a story.

Arthur Nott 3 (Blue Character)
The birds flashback 3.

The pathologist discussion continues…

We convince him to check the head of Abraham he saws open the head and cuts into the brain with a scalpel, the room fills with a mossy smell and his hand is covered with a black liquid, he tastes it and it is sweet.

He takes a sample and will look it at it in the lab.

Nurse Williams is concerned about infection. He proceeds with the autopsy takes about an hour. He notes the black goop was in the brain replacing some of the expected fluids. Certifies death as respiratory arrest as per advanced age. The brain doesnt show trauma bruising or damage.

Andrea is taking samples of the liquid, blood, brain tissue, no other organs seem diseased.

Nurse rogers is to be interrogated. She has only just gone off shift so we will go see if we can wake her in her cottage on the grounds. Nurse Wilkie tells us where to find Nurse Rogers.

We approach the Cottage and meet the nurse who informs us there was a note telling them to kill us.

I obtain a trepanning kit. Professor Wright obtains a Geiger Counter. We agree to get there at 4pm.

We drive towards rydell, I stop alarmed as Andrea is making a ‘Older Sign’ whihc is one of warding.

We have one hand drawn each now, i investigatethe church especially looking foor the 1697 young women deaths.

Reginald Naismith donated a pew about 40 years ago, this could be the shepherd or a relative. Next time speak to reg ask why he donated a pew.

Records went missing 2 or 3 years ago. The young girl is Alice Vincent.Father Vincents daughter.

The more recent records are from 2 years ago, only a few hatches matches and despatches, first funeral is millicent vincent who needed bishops approval to be buried (suicide?) and approval was given quickly.

We talk to alice who confirms for us that she knows of the cult sex fest. She directs us to Mrs Murgatroid (Widow)

We talk to the Teacher Murgatroid and discover she has no knowledge of the ritual, she knows it is related to the birds gathering, there is a large flat engraved stone near the stables she visited and things began happening after this dont go at night. You may fall down a mine shaft. The stone belonged to the birds according to Naismith. He may not be aware either. She has disturbing vague dreams and sleep. Visited it a few months ago. Been here a year, temps for the year prior and the vicars wife prior to that (the suicide)

Dunn the barman we discuss things with him

I had to go to the loo. When I come back

We ar efollowing Alice into the woods. She is standing on the stone holding a razor we run forward and shout stop alice stop. She does stop, she recites again the bavarian poem and we take off the stone and investigate it. Dwyer has taken the razor.

We look at the stone and it s porous and very unusual and unknwn, it has a picture of a constellation o n it. It is a large stone, there are slate quarries about which could give shafts that lead beneath it.

We take alice home and hand her to the father, there was senn as a pattern for hundreds of years that women die early and unexpectedly.

We are going to wait till the morning before going to the quarry to investigate the stone. We discover the records were evacuated to the cathedral.

In the morning we take supplies and head to the quarry.

We enter the tunnels with our torches after a short way we are in natural caves with workings occasional to shore up and stuff, the air gusts rythmically back and forth as if pumped and the rotting meat spell, we ar eunsure of what this could mean but we forge onwatrds. In the first cave is one of the ‘birds’ rotten and dead . We inspect the carcass it has mini human hands and a deformed right hand just like father vincent the rot increases and creatures alive asleep and made up discarded corpses of rotted torn apart creatures.

With the hands of kale….

The caves are deep and worrying, some degree of levelling out yet they get deeper and deeper not man made shafts leading downwards.

Carved shafts….

The creatures are awake no longer in unison breathing and now they attack us.

We panic and run, some of our people lose there torches.

I run into a wall and collapse in the dark.

I awake in the dark bruised and yet unharmed. There is a different man in the bar, no derek rawlings a different vicar

I ask what day, it is Friday as I believed however the year is different. It is 1953. I ask for a pint and fumble out a old
pound note to pay for it…..


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